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Popping in to say hello.


I have to say thank you for the comments from you girls out there when I let you all know I was taking a break. Nice to know I’m missed. :)

It has been so nice to get things accomplished around here. I had no idea there was so much to be done and how long it would take to get this place in a state of sell-able-ness. Scary. My mom, my hubby, and myself have been working to get our home cleaned up and organized so that searching eyes would think this is the place to buy for their very own.

I’ll leave you with a picture taken on some downtime at the pool with the cousins. Hope y’all are having a grand summer so far!!


I’m back… kind of…


I’ve only been away from my blog for a short time but thought I’d pop back to let you all know what’s going on. We are hoping to sell our home. This is a good thing. I will be busily working around Watchthesky’s dwelling place and keeping things fixed up for all those buyers out there just waiting for a place like this. :)  But until all those windows are sparkling and the taps don’t leak I’ll be too busy to tend to my little place on the world wide web. I’ll be back here and there to keep anyone who cares updated.

Thanks for checking in and hopefully I’ll be back soon with moving boxes in my hand!! :)

Just letting you know…


I will be taking a much needed blogging break. I realize I’m leaving Book Review Friday high and dry without any notice, but I think that all both of you girls out there can handle it. :) Just keep reading your Bibles with purpose and encourage other ladies to do the same and who knows what the Lord could do! :)

I’ll be back sometime to let y’all know whether I decide to keep up with blogging.

Just so you know…

Happiness misunderstood.


Do you ever wonder if you are truly happy? Do you wonder if you are living the good life? Us moms don’t have time to think about such notions very often. We are too busy making meals, keeping up with laundry, changing diapers and the like. But a lot of people out there start examining their own lives and start feeling like they have fallen short. I may not have time to sit around and mull my life over very often but I do know about those little twinges of discontent that creep up and peek around the corner every now and then. If only I had nicer furniture, nicer house, better spouse, less children, more children, more money, etc..

We received some junk mail from a bank this week.  It was begging us to do business with them. They had their begging disguised and all wrapped up in a nice little bundle of discontent. Their selling point?? Oddly enough, its debt.


Excuse me?! Live the life I really want? I am thank you very much! I may not realize it sometimes, I may even get confused at how I got to where I am, but I know deep within my heart of hearts that this is the life I really do want.

We all have big dreams of what it will be like when we grow up. We all have these big plans of how we are going to live, who we’re going to live with, and how wonderful it will all be. Then all of a sudden I’m there. I’m where I used to dream to be. I had no idea how hard it would be. I had no idea what a selfish person I was. I had no idea of how different I would feel when I got here. But you know what, its still exactly where I want to be. Its wonderful in a different sort of way.

I do have the family I wished for, but I’ll tell you God allowed us to go through some nasty times to get us to where we are. We have our own place like I wished for, but it doesn’t look like a magazine cover like I thought it would. My furniture doesn’t match, the place could really use a coat of paint, and we don’t have time to mow the lawn as much as we should. I lived for the day when I would have children of my own, I just didn’t realize there would be times when they would throw up on me, disobey, or make me really really tired. And you already know that I never wished for a cow or chickens, but hey, our big dreams change as we go sometimes. :)

So thanks but no thanks bank. I’d rather have my God and what He has seen fit to put in our care than paying you back for things I can’t afford and can live without.

God is good, all the time.

Give me neither poverty nor riches- Feed me with the food allotted to me; Lest I be full and deny You, And say, “Who is the Lord?” Or lest I be poor and steal, And profane the name of my God.

But I must say, I am not opposed to winning the lottery some time. Oh, what I could accomplish with the winnings!! Its just hard to win when your hubby won’t let you buy a ticket. Oh well. We may never have matching furniture or a new coat of paint, but I’ll have my life. And its a good one.

Book Review Friday: 2 Samuel 12-15


If you don’t know what Book Review Friday is all about please check out my sidebar and you’ll get the low down on it all. Feel free to jump in wherever we are reading, we love to see new ladies excited about getting into God’s Word!!

First things first, we’ll read 2 Samuel 16-19 every day until next Friday. We’re getting to know God’s Word better one verse, one chapter, one book, at a time. :)

I have a precious few minutes to write my review down. We have a sick little boy in the house. I’ve also been trying to catch up on housework after our berry picking adventures of the past 2 weeks. Yikes!

Reading chapters 12-15 was eye opening. I have never heard of most of the events & names involved in this book. The first thing I was struck by was David’s repentant heart. When all that he had done finally sunk in and he realized that a life, his little boy’s, would be lost he came around. God got ahold of his heart once again. David did everything he could think of to change the outcome and show the Lord his change of heart. Fasting and praying with all his might. But it didn’t change what would happen.

What got me was that when his son did die David went and worshipped the Lord. 12:20 “So David arose from the ground washed and anointed himself, and changed his clothes, and he when into the house of the Lord and worshiped.” Thatis true repentance!  When someone goes through rough times and remains in a state of worship to their God it says a lot. David had the mind that God recieve the glory no matter what happens. Big lesson for me. I don’t act like that when I have to deal with a little change in my schedule let alone my child dying. God has so much work to do with me!

I was shocked, & sickened by the story of Amnon and Tamar. Sickened. Gross. But I can relate to the idea of how alluring sin can be until we get what we want. We can turn from loving what we shouldn’t do to hating it but unable to undo what we’ve done.  That verse in 13:15 “Then Amnon hated her exceedingly, so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, ‘Arise, be gone!'” 

I also see yet again how our lives affect our children. David had one child die and lots of bad fall outs with the rest of his kids. It is important to live our lives blamelessly before our children. I’d rather have good consequences rather than the bad kind.

That’s all I’ve got time for. Not deep, but again, I did get a lot more out of it than I can take time to show here. I’ll look forward to seeing any review that show up on Mr.Linky, so link away!!