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Book Review Friday: 1Samuel 21-26 (Edited to add review)


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First things first, we’ll read 1 Samuel 27-31 for this week

I do not like having to do this but my own review will have to wait until this evening yet again. It was my turn to do the barn chores this morning, we have outside things happening this afternoon, and we have a few things to get ready to send to family. Busy busy.

I’m back to write a few of my thoughts down about our weeks reading. Nothing huge came to mind really. I loved reading the story myself instead of just knowing snippets of facts from a Sunday school lesson here and there as I was growing up. Reading it all together is a much better way to grasp what was going on, time frames and all that stuff. :)

I thought I’d give a couple things I learned or noticed in a few of the lives mentioned in the stories for this review. 

Saul: He really was insane. Right from the time he entered the story he was all about himself. Totally self-absorbed. What I noticed was that while he was trying to track David down to kill him he is expecting God to be on his side. My, we can be deceived by ourselves. I can think I’m on the right track and think I’m living for the Lord, when really I am working against Him.

Doeg: I wouldn’t have thought much about him but Tami left a comment yesterday about him. I read the chapters again this morning and noticed him for the first time.  Thanks Tami. :) He was a real peach wasn’t he!? One thing for sure is I would never name one of my little boys Doeg.

David: I really don’t get why he lied when he got to Nob and was talking to Ahimelech. He was so dependant and trusting at other times. Maybe it just shows he was human. He messed up and got scared too. I love how strong David was in spite of all that was happening to him at all other times though. He probably thought many times about how simple life was just caring for his father’s sheep out in his father’s fields way back when. Life changed a lot when Samuel came by for his visit that day and anointed him. Now he was living life as a fugitive and he had the chance a couple times to rid himself of his enemy. He could have killed Saul and not had to sleep with one eye open again, but he restrained himself and entrusted Sauls life to God. It would have taken a leap of faith over the Grand Canyon of life to keep leaving the situation in God’s hands. God is good and I’m so glad that there are models like David for us to follow in the icky times.

Nabal: Idiot. He was all about himself too. Consumed with his own things and keeping them for himself he failed to see what an asset it would have been to befriend a guy like David.

Abigail: I’m impressed. Nabals wife. She probably wasn’t the only wife a rich guy like Nabal had, but she was the only one that covered for him. Talk about a good wife! She knew all of Nabals faults and that he didn’t deserve any good fortune to come to him after the way he acted. She humbled herself and asked forgiveness on behalf of her husband instead of packing up her five maidens and running away to be free of him once and for all. She could have left him to be attacked and killed and protected herself. I don’t think I would have put myself in harms way to protect my lazy good for nothing husband from what he totally deserved. She is one of my heroes now. Thank you Abigail for living a hard life  and making hard choices to show people like us it is possible to give glory to God in the hard times as well.

That is all I’ll say for now. I am really looking forward to finishing off 1 Samuel this week.
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I’m on the journey… haven’t arrived yet.


When I started letting you all in on why I loved to be home I was not out to dissect the church, its programs, its leadership or anything else. All of that is the guys responsibility, they are the ones to answer God for how they handled it all. That is not where the issue starts for us women. It starts in the home, in our everyday way of living our lives before God. We can’t and shouldn’t walk into our church this Sunday and start pointing out all the things we may be doing wrong. There are many things that we are doing right. All I can do is see where God is convicting me, which I find very exciting and also a bit scary, and set to work in my own life to get it on track with His will.

I am a fallen woman with a lot to change. God has been working in my heart to bring me to the place where I see so much mess in my life that needs to be cleaned up it seems nigh unto impossible to actually succeed. In every area that I have mentioned in this little ‘woman’s roar’ series I have had tremendous guilt on my heart. While it can be very depressing to examine my life and see so much wrong that needs to change I really am thrilled with all my husband and I are learning about God’s plan for the family no matter how different the ideas seem at first, or how unpleasant they may be to others.

As women it is not our job or place to sit back and critique the church. But, we should be critiquing our own lives and looking at how we measure up to God’s perfect plan for us. To say that I have found myself sorely lacking would be an understatement. I understand that following God’s perfect plan calls for a change of heart that will then change my home. When we give ourselves to our given roles at home the way God wants it the church takes care of itself. The men are freed to be in their rightful place and they have their women praying for, encouraging, and being a tremendous help to them.

I’m not saying that this is they way I am. I am saying this is the way I want to be. The only way I know how to improve the situation is to read and study the Word of God, pray much, and be willing to make changes as God makes things clear to me.

God is good, all the time. He has been faithful to me when I have turned from Him. He has saved me from myself and the consequences of my sin. With these new lessons that we here at Watchthesky are learning from our Lord, we feel we have no choice but to implement the changes and pray the Lord uses us for His glory. When I am convicted of the life I am living how could I choose to do anything else but change? I was walking down the wrong road, or maybe I was walking down the right road backwards :), whatever the case may be I am now attempting to get back on track and letting you all in on the journey.

I’m not out to boycott our churches or programs. I’m not out to be a catalyst for some big weird revolution. I am out here excited about this supposedly radical way of thinking. I am excited to simplify and get back to the way God planned. I am excited to someday be the woman God has called me to be.

The heart of the matter.


Just a few more thoughts on the whole ‘women’s roar’ posts. Of course it is a subject that starts discussion easily. People love to debate, think, and discuss. And ladies have been discussing it, I love that.

I just want to clarify a couple things. We can’t get caught up on un-doctrinal things while talking through issues such as these. Yes I really do believe Scripture tells us blatantly where our place in this world is as women. I really do believe Scripture makes it plain that men are to be the head of the home just as Christ is the head of the church. I really believe that Scripture says clearly that men are to be the spiritual authority within the home and church. I believe Scripture tells us that the parents are to be the ones to teach and train their children in the ways of the Lord. I believe, according to Scripture that most of what is being done today in church is blaspheming the Word of God because we are oblivious to the simpleness of God’s plan in Scripture.

Women really are in control. Women really are running the show. We are doing our own thing… because its the way its always been done… by everyone. Maybe that should be a red light. If that’s the way that everyone is doing it, even in the secular churches, maybe we need to wake up.

What Scripture does not say is that Sunday school, Awana, youth groups, or any other program are wrong. Nor does Scripture say they are good. You just don’t find those things in the Bible. I cannot sit here and tell everyone that you are sinning if you are involved in a children’s program in your church. I can ask you if anything in your church is being run by men. I could ask you if you can think of any places where the men of the church are teaching, training, taking charge, setting up, filling any ministry roles. In most churches there are more women teaching & leading than men. And since that is the case I can guess then that in most homes women are also doing their own thing (I realize I’m just as guilty of this as anyone).  When a woman takes on a position in the church that is not a direct help to the ministry of her husband (or with his full blessing) then she has actually stepped out from under his authority and begun a ministry of her own in direct disobedience to God’s Word. Harsh eh?!  

So while I will not say that it is wrong for a woman to ever be involved in programs within the church I will say we are given guidelines and principles to live by. We have to come to the place where we, with a teachable heart, ask the Lord to show us why such programs are in place and if they are His best plan for His church, and our lives. Are they set up the way He lays out in Scripture or is it mans woman’s our attempt to create an illusion of spiritual productivity that is really nothing more than a blindfold to keep us from God’s true work and blessing?

Let’s start thinking. Better yet, lets start praying. If we really do want to know God’s will in this, He will show it clearly. We just have to be ready for the answer when it comes.


Supper was good.


We had a busy weekend and finished it off with a bonfire after church to relax. Toward the end it wasn’t so relaxing for my mom though, it’s June bug season you know. She told me they counted more than 80 flying into their headlights on the way home last night. Ewwww!

Anyway, on a totally different topic, we had pizza for supper tonight. YUM!! If you’d like to check out the recipe our family uses just click here and it will take you to a great, quick & easy recipe for delicious homemade pizza dough. This is the recipe I used for supper tonight only with a slight change. That change would be that we’ve started using steak or BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, and mister man is it good!

Try it. I bet you’ll love it. :)

Book Review Friday: 1 Samuel 17-20


If you’ve never heard of Book Review Friday please check out my sidebar for the details and join in. Whether you ever write a review to post online or not this method will change the way you see your Bible. Honest.

First things first, we’ll read 1 Samuel 21-26 until next Friday. Keep reading ladies, there is so much to learn and we need to give the Lord some more ammunition to work on our hearts!

As I read 1 Samuel 17 I was really confused. In Chapter 16 Saul had David brought to him to play the harp and calm his troubled spirit. He was told in verse18 that there was this guy, a “son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing….”  Saul thought he was great and employed David to play for him. Then in chapter 17 David comes into the camp and creates a bit of a stir, kills Goliath, and the Philistines are run out of town. Saul brings David to him and asks him who he is. What’s up with that?

Anyway, I love this part of 1 Samuel. LOVE IT!! Whenever I come to the place where David tells Goliath that ” I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand… that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”  And then David RUNS to meet Goliath. BRING IT ON!!! And God delivers the whole shootin match because of David’s awesome faith.  Somebody give me a stone, somebody give me a sling!

I’m sure that David was a trifle nervous at the thought of going against this war heroe. He didn’t know that the Lord was going to spare him out of all of it. Maybe God’s plan was for him to die in this. But what he did know was that there was a whole army directly across from the Israelites that blatantly mocked the Lord and his followers, and something had to be done about it. I can also imagine the shame all those men behind David felt watching this young good looking kid run out to do what they were all too scared to do.

One thing I have realized through this story is that we don’t just wake up one day ready to take on a huge giant. There are problems of many different sizes. Each time we conquer one we are a little more prepared to handle the next bigger one down the road. David had met giants before. He met up with a giant of a bear and a lion, and God gave him the strength to bring them down. Because of his previous experience with these things he had enough courage & faith to draw on to run to meet the next bigger giant head-on. It is comforting to know that God is always working in our lives and preparing us for a life lived for Him. All those little/big hard things that we go through he uses to make us able to do bigger and scarier things later. Only those scarier things aren’t as scary anymore because of what you’ve handled in the past. Know what I mean?

That is all I have time to post. Even this little bit of review has taken me about 39 minutes to write. Little people constantly jumping up on my lap, husbands with questions, someone getting hurt, saying goodbye to hubby as he leaves for town… Its hard to find time to concentrate. :)

I hope that you are able to write a review, short & sweet or long & deep. Here is Mr.Linky if you have any thoughts to share.


Down on the farm.


You can relax, I know now that YOU didn’t take my camera. I found it. In my other purse. Thanks. Without my camera I feel like I’m missing a limb. Seriously. But all is well again. :)

Now that I have my nice little 512MB card back I can let you in on what our new news was last week. Better late than never, right?!  Here is #59’s first taste of freedom.

Twink had never been an outside cow up until last Friday. The farmers that we bought her from just never bothered letting their cows out. We didn’t have enough fence in place to let her roam here at Watchthesky, until Friday. Hubby dug many a post hole and made a new gate. He’s smart that way.

Who needs TV!

And we also brought home our new chicks. 24 to be exact.

This guy in the last picture (my youngest) will tell you very matter-of-factly that “when the new chicks start laying eggs we’ll hold the old ones by the feet and then go WHACK!! to chop off their heads with an axe”.  Ahhhh, life on a farm. :)



Mental Health Line


This is something my hubby’s dad showed us way back when. Enjoy.

Hello and thank you for calling the State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options:

·If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly.
·If you are co-dependent, ask someone to press 2 for you.
·If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6.
·If you are paranoid, we already know who you are and what you need, stay on the line so we can trace your call.
·If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the mother ship.
·If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
·If you are manic-depressive, it doesn’t matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway.
·If you are dyslexic, press 96969696969.
·If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep, or before the beep, or after the beep, please wait for the beep.
·If you suffer from short term memory loss, press 9.
·If you suffer from short term memory loss, press 9.
·If you suffer from short term memory loss, press 9.
·If you have low self esteem, please hang up now. Our operators are way too busy to fool with you.