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It’s Friday.


Hello everyone. I am not going to write a review. In fact, I am not going to be posting my reviews for BRF anymore. I’ll be back each Friday to let you all know what I’m reading next and you can join me if you want, but I’ve learned a lot this past week in Jeremiah and I want to put to practice what I believe the Lord is telling me.

That phrase that is in chapter 2 (I think) of Jeremiah keeps haunting me every step, every day. “walk after things that do not profit.” I don’t want to do that anymore and the computer time is something that I need to cut out even more than I already have.  So thank you Jeremiah for a kick in the pants. :) I’ll continue with my notes in my binder and I hope you do too.

For this coming week I’ll be reading Jeremiah 4-6.

In other news, Jenn’s latest post reminded me of a great site that was pointed in my direction one day a week or two ago. I have messed up so many things 4 times over with my children. I don’t know many right answers to parenting questions. We have great kids, but everyone has their weaknesses and failures and all of us have a lot to learn, no matter how much we think we have it all together. Raising Godly Tomatoes is AWESOME!!! A wealth of common sense for a Christian parent who wants to have disciplined, happy, obedient children. I started to order the book and it was going to end up costing me $40.00 when all was said and done. I don’t think so. Thank you shipping & duty. Thanks a lot! :(

Anyway, Check it out and let me know what you think. I wish that I had started raising my kids this way when they were all young and easily molded. It’s much harder when they are 10 instead of 2…. but not impossible. :)


Udderly Bovine.


How about an update on our most favourite cow in the world?! I haven’t mentioned much about good ol’ Twink these days.

She’s been good to us. We’d buy her all over again. No regrets. I won’t lie, its not a whole lot of fun to go out and milk her when its bitterly cold, but its still worth it. Here are the general numbers and you can decide if your family needs their own cow. :)

* 2 Full gallons per day, plus a bit more sometimes. That’s 14 gallon of milk per week.
* Approximately 1 hour of chore time per day, plus a morning every now and then to catch up on the odds and ends in the barn.
* $80.00 per month pays for everything. Silage, udder cream, paper towels, Javex, grain, straw… 80 bucks does it all.
*We’ve never had to call a vet (knock on wood!) so no expenses there.
*If we want to breed her, it would only cost us $20.00 and a phone call to the farmer that sold her to us.
So, split the cost 2 ways since Seven and her clan own half of #59 and you get a pretty good deal.
We both pay in $40.00 a month and get 7 gallons each per week. Just how much milk can you buy these days for $40.00??? Its a much better deal here.

Even with the initial cost of the cow and all the stuff we needed she paid herself off within the first 3 months.

Besides, you get to have your own Have a Cow’ party! How fun is that! The guys we bought Twink from must of thought we had lost our minds when they walked into the kitchen and saw this:
Doesn’t everyone have a big shin-dig when they buy a cow??? We offered them a couple of the #59 cupcakes before they left, so at least they thought we were nice lunatics. :)

Yep, we all love Twink.
Well, most of the time. Hubby wasn’t too impressed with her the night she kicked the milk bucket over in the middle of milking. :(

Book Review Friday: Psalm 13-17


If you would like to know what Book Review Friday is, please check out my sidebar to get all the details. Join in wherever we’re at and be blessed! :)

Well, I’m excited about our next book for our reviews. Jeremiah!! It’s a longer one. Probably the longest one we’ve done. At about 4 pages per week it will take us 15 weeks to read through it. I’ve never read it. Can’t wait to dive in. Join me?
If you are all gung-ho for Jeremiah then read Jeremiah 1-3 with me every day until next Friday. Meet back here next week and share something about what you read.

Now for Psalm 13-17.
I have the most notes written down about chapter 13, but last night I saw a whole bunch more stuff in the other chapters. I want to keep thinking about a bunch of stuff that I saw there and mulling it over. Good stuff.

In chapter 13 I noticed that David was obviously going through a hard time. He was wondering how long he’d have to endure the icky-ness. But in the middle of bad circumstances he trusted, rejoiced, and praised God for His past faithfulness, His mercy in the moment, and promise of the salvation of the Lord.
I know that isn’t how I react to bad times. I can take a lesson from David and even when I am weighted down with hard times, keep my focus on what really matters.

The whole list of who may dwell in ‘Your holy hill’ in chapter 15 is a source of conviction.That list does not describe me very well. The part where it says, “He who walks uprightly, And works righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart;” in verse 2.  Good stuff.

There is more in 17 that I read and didn’t really understand. I still need to look up a few things to see what exactly they mean.  Maybe someone out there will write about it. :)

If you have a review for this week please leave a comment  and a link to your post. I’m avoiding Mr.linky because its just as easy to leave a link in the comments. So there. :)

Happy Monday


I love homeschooling. I love it for lots of reasons, but today I loved it because I was able to send the kids outside first thing to make their own forts. They were jealous of the cousins cool new digs in their back yard and today was a great snow building day to create some of their own.
I sent them out shortly before 9am. They didn’t come back in until 1:45. In 5 hours I was able to make a serious dent in the mess around here. I didn’t get upstairs, but the downstairs is so much improved. I turned up The Martins and got right to work. It was great.

When it was finally time to come in and have a bite to eat we had some sausage soup left over from Sunday. Perfect. So yummy. What is better than rosy cheeks, fun stories from outside winter adventures, and a bowl of delicious goodness!
Here is the recipe. It makes enough for our family of 6 and leftovers (if daddy isn’t home for the leftovers :).

Sausage Soup
4 Mild Italian Sausage
4 Sun Dried Tomato Sausage
2 Onions
2 Celery Stalks
2 Carrots
2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Pepper
2 28oz cans Diced Tomatoes
2 cans Chick Peas
6 Cups Chicken Stock

Remove sausage skin (just squeeze the meat out) and make into chunks. In large pot heat 1 Tbsp oil over medium heat. Cook sausage without stirring for 5 mins.
Add chopped onions, carrots, and celery. Cook, stirring often for 10 minutes or until veggies are soft.
(If you want to make it spicy add a couple diced jalapeno peppers here too. Sooooo good!)
Add cumin, chili powder, pepper and tomatoes. Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add chic peas (drained & rinsed) and chicken stock.
Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

The recipe originally calls for all mild italian sausage and the jalapeno peppers. Its awesome that was but I like it even more with 1/2 sun dried tomato, and I leave the peppers out for the kids sake. :)

Let me know if you tried it and loved it.

I’m hoping to have time to type out my review before the evening is through. Better late than never!

Book Review Friday: 2 & 3 John


If you don’t know about Book Review Friday please check it out on my sidebar and join in wherever we are at. We’d love to see another lady excited about getting in the Word!

For this week coming we will move on to Psalm 13-17. Read chapters 13 through 17 every single day for the next week. Come back and let us all in on how you’ve been encouraged. This time of the year isn’t very uplifting for me being in all the cold and not getting as much sunshine. I need all the encouragement I can get, and I think Psalms will do that for me. Join me? :)

I’ll post my review on 2&3 John later on. We are cleaning up a storm here today and then its on to grocery shopping this afternoon. I also found a second hand store that I’ve never been in and am so excited to check it out!!
Finally getting my review up. Since I’m pressed for time as usual I will write almost word for word from my notebook.
2John Vs.6 : “This is lovwe, that we walk acoording to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.”

How do I live a life of love as I should?
I follow the commandments. I get to know what Christ says and I do it. This takes getting used to since what the world says love is, is something completely different.

Another thought from 1 John as I read 2 John is about loving the brethern. We love the brethern according to the Word of God. I usually forget the part about the loving and remember the part about keeping others accountable. Reading these past two weeks has done some work on my heart and showed me how they both need to be present. It hurts to see things like that, but I’m so glad I read it. I’m glad I meditated on it. I’m glad I’m still learning.

vs. 8. “Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward.”

I look at that verse as a warning and reminder to train my children in the Lord. Think of nothing as unimportant. Everything I do, say, every way I act, every thing I let them do, everything I allow, will mold and shape them. Every thing I allow them to hear, read, and see will shape them. I could teach and teach them of the biblical values they need, and all the verses, and all the doctrines… but if I slacken in my vigil of outside infulences, hubby and I could lose our full reward in years to come. Yes, I take it as a very serious warning. I’m tired sometimes, especially in January, and I would love to relax on a few things. Its not worth it though. Its not.

As for 3 John, I felt a little like Diotrephes, ‘who loves to have pre-eminence among them,’. I felt humbled to realize that it is more important to me to let people know that ‘I know’. To look spiritually important. I get self-seeking lots, just like Diotrephes. I need to ask the Lord to show me how to concentrate on my serving others and encouraging them rather than trying to look better.
I am not using Mr.Linky this week. I dont’ like how it looks and if I want it to look different I have to pay. I’m cheap so that’s not going to happen. If you have a review please let us all know by leaving a comment with the link to it. Thanks.