Just letting you know…


I will be taking a much needed blogging break. I realize I’m leaving Book Review Friday high and dry without any notice, but I think that all both of you girls out there can handle it. :) Just keep reading your Bibles with purpose and encourage other ladies to do the same and who knows what the Lord could do! :)

I’ll be back sometime to let y’all know whether I decide to keep up with blogging.

Just so you know…


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  1. It takes a very wise purposing to order our lives in a way that glorifies Him and nurtures those entrusted to our care. So today, instead of posting my Book Review, I’ll spend time in prayer, asking that you’ll have wisdom from Heaven to clothe your decisions!

    Remember, He has taken you out of the pit and crowned you with love and compassion. (Ps. 103) Let’s LIVE like it’s TRUE!!!

  2. I totally understand you needing a break. I will be in prayer for you also. I have enjoyed your reviews and reading your blog posts. Thank you so much for all you have done with your blogging and the study of reading my bible this way. It is something I plan on continuing. God Bless You!

  3. I completely understand your need to take a break . I don’t have nearly the responsibilities that you have and I am finding it difficult to find time to write a review. Thank you for getting us all started on reading our Bibles with purpose and plan. I truly appreciate all the planning and time you have put into BRF. Have a great summer and I will be praying and thinking of you often.

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