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Daniel & Caitlin (Part 1)


It was my first wedding to attempt as a photographer. So nervous.
I was so nervous that I was shaking. Since I was shaking so bad my camera wouldn’t focus for the first few minutes of arriving at Caitlin’s home to get some before pic’s. But after that I started to calm a bit and my second shooter, Sarah, helped keep my wits about me and kept me moving in the proper direction.

They had a beautiful home and Caitlin was so relaxed and just enjoying every moment of her day. She is SO talented. She must be terribly organized as well. She did everything for the wedding herself. Even the cake. Wait until you see that!

Isn’t her bouquet beautiful? She collected brooches over the years and then used her amazing talents to come up with these.

Daniel & the Groomsmen and his family were waiting for things to get started. It was a beautiful day and they were totally relaxed, too. All that was left to do was wait for the big moment when they would see each other for the first time and become husband and wife.

One of my favourites from the day. Here is the Grooms Mother and Grandmother. Beautiful!

Caitlin arrived looking beautiful.

Special jewelry from her grandmother. Such beautiful little details make wedding days even more wonderful!

Stay tuned for Part 2. I have too many favourites to fit into just one post. :)