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Book Review Friday: Practical Perfection!


Welcome back to Book Review Friday!! It does feel good to be back and know y’all are with me. :)

Practical Perfection was chosen as the title for our first week’s Bible study because we are going to dive into Proverbs. Proverbs is TOTALLY practical and part of the perfect Word of God, how can we go wrong?! You may be pleased to know that you will only be reading 1 chapter each day. Yes, ONE. Shocking, I know. But it is quality, not quantity we are looking for.

Our plan of attack for the next 28 days is to read all 31 chapters in Proverbs. You will know them better than you ever have before. Each day you will read the Proverb that goes along with the day of the month. So, tomorrow you’ll read Prov.29 (Aug.29th). On Saturday you’ll read Prov.30, Sunday you’ll read Prov.31, and so on. Got it?

Remember that weakness that I asked you to think about??? As you read through your chapter each day keep your notebook beside you and your pen in hand. Write down every single verse, word for word, that has to do with that weakness as you read along. Even if you think you already wrote a verse that says the exact same thing, write it down anyway. Do it.  Once you have read the entire chapter and written down the appropriate verses you will still need your pen. Just write a sentence or two on your thoughts about it, or a plan of attack, or what the Scripture says about what you are to do,in your own words. That’s it.

Just so you know that it doesn’t have to be anything special I’ll give you a peek inside my own binder. I love binders. :) You will notice that I wrote verses down concerning a couple of weaknesses. Who would of thought I had more than one! But starting today I’ll be sticking with one again.

No one will ever see your journal unless you show them. I’m certainly not going to ask about what you wrote, its between you and the Lord. When we meet back here next week for Book Review Friday’s Mr.Linky, you won’t have to reveal any deep personal struggles either, unless you want to of course.

Now go find Proverbs Chapter 29 and read it today. With purpose.

Until next Friday….




I forgot to mention something in my previous post. I now understand why a couple may be nervous about this new BRF thing. When I told you to find something in your life that needs work I forgot to tell you that you aren’t going to tell anyone about it in reviews unless you really want to.  That isn’t the point, so don’t worry, no one is going to ask you about your faults.

Is that better?

Preparation for Friday


So far we’ve got 9 (including moi) getting involved in BRF. How exciting is that!?! You do my heart good ladies. If you are reading this and haven’t made up your mind to try it out remember its never too late. Just jump in wherever we are at. There is no bad timing in reading your Bible with purpose! :)

I am a bit nervous about you all starting up with Book Review Friday again this Friday though. Nervous because I’m going to do it differently for a couple weeks right off the start. Sometimes change is good, sometimes it is really bad.  What if you think its stupid? What if you hate it? What if you think it down-right silly? You may think it a lot of things. But please bear with me and try it out.

We’re going to start in again tomorrow with pen & paper in hand. We’re going to get into the Word in a different sort of way. Its so simple you will think ‘what is the point?!’, but do it anyway. Just give it a try.

Before Friday comes I want you each to think of one thing, one character trait maybe, that you believe needs help in your life. What may be hard about that is that we can think of a million things that someone else we know should be improving, but we don’t study ourselves enough to know there is anything lacking right here at home. The whole ‘speck & beam’ issue, you know?  So, think long and hard about something… anything that could be better. Maybe you are in the pit of despair right now, maybe you are just lazy, maybe you aren’t good at relationships. Maybe its something as simple as your attitude towards the housework or that you would like to be able to think before you speak.  Just pick something and get your binder/journal/notepad ready with your Bible at your side for Friday. 

Got it? 

You just have to pick a negative thing about you or where your life is at right now and make sure you have your pen, paper, and Bible.

See you tomorrow! :)

The return of BRF!!!


Hello again. It has been a good summer. Busy as always, but good.

To make a long story short I will be starting up BRF again as of September 1st. I’ll be changing things up a bit from time to time, and you ladies can let me know what you think of it as we go. I’m going to let you in on some things I do in my own Bible study and maybe you’ll love it, and maybe even modify the idea for yourself. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to study the Bible, the point is that you are in fact getting into the Word & letting it change your heart & soul!

Since I just love fresh starts and new beginnings I’m pretending that I don’t know a living soul that has ever done Book Review Friday along with me, and I want to know if you’ll join in. So… will ya??? Just leave a comment or send off an email and we’ll do another head count and find out how many ladies are involved. You can even get your kids involved and have them do their own reading and reviews during the school year as a ‘Bible class’.   Its simple, cheap, and eternal. :)

If you would like to start off on the right foot with me this coming Friday you will need some paper & a binder, or a notebook, or a cutie little place to write down some things (other than your blog). And that means you’ll need a writing utensil as well. :)

So join the ranks of ladies getting into the Word in a new and powerful way. Its so simple many people think it couldn’t be that special, but it is!! For more details on Book Review Friday just check out my sidebar. I’ve updated the write up a bit for y’all. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re going to take part. Its an encouragement to everyone to know there are others out there doing this right along with you.

While you’re at it why don’t you ask around in your own blogosphere, if there are any others who would like to try it out get them to join up back here on Friday and we’ll start off Fall 2008 in a great way!

Ran the earth a lot yesterday!


We had never been to an amusement park as a family…… until yesterday. It was a total hit with the kids. Unfortunately my camera was dying almost the entire time and I missed a number of very cool ‘Kodak moments’. But here are two cool moments caught on film. :)

The kids were in heaven, and mom & dad didn’t have such a bad time either. :)

**Stay tuned for an important announcement totally unrelated to yesterday’s events.

Passing things along.


Saying hello quickly again. I’m in the middle of making bread and the kids are cleaning up a few things and then we’ll be heading in to say hello to the family in town.

I want to let you in on a couple new sites I’ve found in recent weeks. Since life is so crazy busy its taken me a long time to pass them along. First of all I met the lady who makes things from cotton, felt, ribbons and love. She’s a cutie, I met her so I know. :) I ordered a couple little guys and they are soooo cute!! Now I want to get the horse & the hummingbird & the chicken…. pretty much all of them! :) I added her etsy address to my Favourites on my sidebar. You can also get to her blog from there and see her beautiful home and what her family is up to.

I also found out how great Granny Miller was. She knows everything, I think. :) I’ll let you know how her bread recipe turns out later. If you are interested in farm things on any level she is the one to check out. I listed her under For the farmer deep within you so you can check her out anytime you want.

Another site I came across is Oh Sew Elegant Baby. It makes me want to have another one just to have things like this. They are beautiful and not too bad for pricing I think. There are links to their stores on their sidebar at the blog address I’ve given.

And finally, I love organization. Don’t think for a minute that anyone would think that if they showed up at my doorstep though. I love to read and dream about being an organized person, but you know how it is. Since I am a work in progress with it I love sites like this.

Now I simply must go. We’ve been livin life, fixing up the house, getting tired, partying, and there is more partying to do.

Have a great weekend y’all!