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Book Review Friday, what do ya think???


Here is my idea ladies, I hope you all go in on it with me.
There are a few who have been reading a Proverb a day and we all love it. But ya gotta admit, we can do more. How about all those who are up to it read a book of the Bible this week. We have from Friday to Friday to read through Galatians. Of course you could take the whole week to read it once or do it John MacArthur style and read the whole thing each day. I chose that book simply because it’s short and that means the goal is very attainable.
Next Friday everyone can post something they learned, or how it applied to them or a verse they particularly loved or whatever.
It’s amazing how much you learn and how much you can miss the first couple times through a book.
Try it or don’t try it, don’t matter to me.

p.s. Tomorrow is garbage day, have I mentioned how much I appreciate garbage day!?!?

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