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More news on my chandelier


I know you’ve all been thinking about my chandelier find. I just know it.

Well, I have some more facinating news about it. I found what I believe to be a cool new site, Hooked on Houses, and in that post I just linked you to you will find MY CHANDELIER. Cool. Go ahead and see if you can find it. (C’mon, just pretend like you care.)

Well, I’m off to do laundry, bake bread, clean up the entire upstairs of my home…. yikes!

P.S. Thanks to Kim of, Forever…Wherever, where I found it. :)


Post Christmas


I am pleased to annouce that I have a camera once again. (Check out why I didn’t have a working camera here. Scary.) I caved and bought one. I’ve been known to find a deal or two at my favourite second hand stores, but a camera has not shown up there. So, I grabbed the sale at Staples. Here are a few pic’s for your viewing pleasure, all after Christmas since that is when the sale was on. :(

I’m loving The Isaacs right now. The Token Sister gave us one of their cd’s for Christmas and I’m doing my best to sound like Sonya with my mandolin (I have a good imagination). You just give me another week or two and this is what we’ll be singing & sounding like at The Homplace for all of our get-togethers. :)

Don’t ya just love this guy?! Kinda creepy and scary looking. This was part of the toy given to one of my sons from hubby’s workplace.
It is very kind of them to give each of their employee’s children gifts at Christmas, we feel very blessed. We saved each of their gifts from hubby’s work to put by their stockings. Well, this just happens to be my sons favourite gift. As I type this he is snuggled up all close with it while he sleeps. It goes with him almost everywhere he goes every day. Strange.

And I’ve got to show you all my latest find at Frenchy’s. It is our mostest favourtiest second hand store EVER. So there. I spent a whopping $3.00 for this chandelier. I just need to dust it and find some cute & cheap shades for it somewhere. I loved my life a lot the moment I found it. Now, if I could just find something for that random ugly big wall behind it, then I’d love my life even more. :)

Book Review Friday: Joel


If you don’t know about Book Review Friday please check out my sidebar and feel free to join in wherever we’re at.

I do not have one thing to write about Joel. I did read it. I only missed one day reading it. I guess it was a mixture of it being Christmas week and having a cold that made it hard to concentrate and get anything out of it. Scary. But I have read it and know it talks about locusts and that God can restore us even when we’ve done damage. That’s it.

I really hope that someone out there got more out of it… and posts it so that I can glean. :)

As for this week (better late than never), I thought we’d move to Psalm 8-12. So read Psalm chapters 8-12 everyday this week and I guarantee that you will not regret it. Psalms are always an encouragement and packed full stuff to learn and treasures to find. We’ll meet back here next week all excited like, and write down a pile of what the Lord showed us.

Here’s Mr.Linky for all of you who got more out of Joel than I did.

Poetry for Christmas.


My mom found this poem a few weeks ago and I saved it to share with you over Christmas. If you are like me you’ll need a kleenex. I love this stuff.

Christmas, Present

I saw the Ghost-of-Christmas Past
Glide by our lighted tree.
Her arms were filled with dolls and toys,
And all were meant for me.
I sensed the rustle of her skirts,
Her blouse was trimmed with lace,
And when she turned to smile at me
She wore my mother’s face.

Just as this vision slipped from sight
I heard my daughter call.
Wild footsteps clattered on the stair;
Shrill giggles filled the hall.
She burst into the gift-filled room
And squealed in glad surprise,
And all the Christmases-to-come
Were mirrored in her eyes.

How swiftly fly the rainbow years,
Like splintered shafts of light,
As fragile as the gentle ghosts
Who whisper in the night.
I draw my child into my arms
And hold this moment fast
Against the time my face will be
Her Ghost-of-Christmas Past.

Merry Christmas!


Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday. It’s snowing like crazy here and we’re in the middle of baking, cooking, sewing, and playing here at Watch the Sky.
I thought I’d pass along two of our favourite new songs this year. Listen, enjoy, and have a great Christmas day!

Storm Watch


We love a good storm here at Watch the Sky. Love them! The wind raged through the night and snow came down in piles. It made for a very cozy day today. I did not envy the guys doing the barn chores though. I had to take some video of them heading out to do the chickens and then head into the barn to deal with Twink (#59).
I can just imagine watching the same thing 200 years ago, when our home was first built. The women would be inside with breakfast cooking on the stove and the men & boys would head outside to tend to the animals. Cozy, I tell you. At least, it’s cozy for those of us watching and imagining from inside by the fire. :)