Monthly Archives: June 2010

Near the sea….


Do you live by the sea?
If you have ever had time to roam on, sit by, and just be near the sea…
You know.
You just know.
Near the sea we forget to count the days….

We took a drive over to the shore last week.
The smell.
The sound.
The light.
The taste.
It’s all there.

Sitting on the old lighthouse foundation and thinking about times past, things present, and hoping in things to come. You do that when you are by the sea…


Treasures found by the sea are not of gold and silver.

You hold them in your hand and treasure them a little differently.

Knowing they are crowded in your palm and in your pocket bring smiles.
Life’s simple pleasures.100_5844100_5845

It is ALWAYS too soon to have to leave.

One last look, breath, touch, and then it’s back.

But we tuck ourselves in to bed at night refreshed and peaceful and still able to hear the faint sound of waves and wind, even taste that salt air just a bit…


…’til next time.


cow catching


If you are getting ready for work…

and you are trying to finish your ice cream and relax for 5 minutes before leaving…

and it’s pouring rain…

you probably aren’t going to be pleased when your daughter yells from the window, ” Twink’s loose!”

Hubby & sons ran out and managed to chase her out of the ditch (on the other side of those lilacs)….

straight through every single thing that they had planted in the garden just before it rained.

Nice Twink.

When she had finished destroying that she took off for the back yard…

It took a few minutes, umbrellas, yelling, and a bucket of grain, but they got her back in her stall safe and sound.


And hubby got off to work in time. :)

The rain is on its way


The Mister checked the weather this morning. It’s calling for rain, rain,…. and more rain.


So, we decided to get as much yard work completed as possible before the indoor days hit.
This year it will be so easy to keep the yard looking decent (at least that is our plan) with 2 boys behind lawn mowers and the oldest able to use the whipper snipper.

We are also trying to make the gardens look nice. We’re new to flower bed gardening and I’m finding we need to just do ‘something’. If it ends up looking weird we can always dig and move stuff, right? :) When we moved in there were so many plants and it has all gone rather wild on us. Now we have to weed through to save what we think might be non-weeds and see how it turns out.

We were able to get a fare bit done outside and still manage to feed everyone and take some time to play with the baby. The kids wrapped up their chores, got showered up, and we all chillaxed and read some more from The Secret Garden before bed.100_5522

It was a good day. I love getting ready for my head to hit the pillow knowing that I’ve earned it.
Now let’s hope the baby thinks I’ve earned the right to stay there for longer than 3 hours at a time undisturbed. :)