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Book Review Friday: Genesis 45-50


Okay, now for my review in Genesis. In chapters 45-50 there were a few things that stood out to me. Taxes for one. Chapter 47:24 where it talks about giving 1/5th of their stuff to Pharoah may be the very first taxes ever, I think. We just can’t escape them. :)

First things first, we’re moving on from Genesis. We read all the way through Genesis this summer and got to know it better than we ever have before. Isn’t that exciting?!? I loved it and although it was a crazy busy summer so that I couldn’t give our book reviews a lot of time and thought, I still read and learned much. So congrats to all of you who read along with us throughout the summer! :)

Now we’ll  be moving on to the book of Acts. I’m pretty excited about it too. After our pastor preached on a part of Acts in June I knew we’d read it next. And I already know what we’re doing after Acts too and I’m so excited about that one that we just have to finish up with Acts ASAP. :) So hold on to your hats folks, we’re movin and groovin this round. We’ll start with Acts chapters 1-7 for next Friday. I’m getting serious about the Bible reading again. I want to do a lot and of course it’s much more exciting when there is a group doing it together and seeing the Lord work in everyone’s life. Woo hoo, bring it on! :) I’d have done it in three weeks instead of four but won’t discourage anyone. This is a busy time of year and we’re all working back into our routines so we’ll work into reading more later. :)

The right kind of faith in our God that I mentioned last review, the kind that Joseph had, showed up in his life again in these chapters. He understood that all credit was to be given to God. Mister man, this verse is a whole sermon in itself,

“So now it was not you who sent me here, but God;” 45:8

Can I say that about all the things in my life? Can I say that about the yucky stuff and my mistakes and bad memories, that it was not others, or me, or Satan that brought me to the low places. It was God. He “is working for us a far more exceeding weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” 2Cor.4:17&18.  Joseph knew there was more at work here than just the nasty brothers with a hate on for him. It brings new meaning to me. What we look on as terrible things, hard things, hurtful things, God looks on with a bigger picture. It’s not that I won’t hurt or feel anything when God brings them to pass but I need to gain that new perspective through them. I need to remember as Joseph did that God is working things for his glory and that’s what matters.

Yep, I was impressed with Joseph. I finally found that hero of the Bible I wanted to see. He wasn’t perfect, but he had a good attitude, he worked hard, he trusted the Lord, he didn’t give into temptation, he was trustworthy, dependable and had a good reputation with all those around him even in those very dark days. He even forgave those who had caused him the pain in the first place. And through all of this he didn’t pat himself on the back, he kept pointing out to everyone that it was not in him, it was in God that all this was so. I’ll want to chat with Joseph someday and get to know him better but until then I’ll have to just keep checking out Genesis and learning all I can from there. He truly is a great example to me.

Also I had to feel sorry for Jacob. To think that he knew full well he had messed up a lot (I understand how he feels) and putting his life in a nutshell to Pharoah he says, “few and evil have been the days of the years of my life” 47:9. How sad is that. God needs to continue to teach me and lead me so I don’t have to say that when I go, and hopefully He’ll give me enough time to do it because it’s going to take a while.

When Jacob looked at his sons he saw the good, the bad and the ugly. A reminder here to take the time to focus on each child individually as I raise my own. All 12 boys raised by the same father but some turned out and some didn’t. Jacob was obviously a man who had favourites, that’s an obvious lesson in itself. But getting to know each child early on and training them so that we don’t end up knowing the sad truth about our children too late is an important thing to remember.  I don’t want to end up with a Reuben- great & powerful but unstable. Niether do I want a Simeon or Levi- angry and cruel, or any of the other brothers who had a great failing indeed. I would love to be able to say of my children like Jacob did of Judah – great, prosperous and just, or Shiloh – a born leader whom people will gladly follow in right ways, or a Zebulun (love this one) – he shall become a haven for ships. Sounds strong and sure don’t you think? :)

Anyway, these are a couple lessons I got from this passage: 1. Give God all the credit for the good and the bad, because even the bad is good where God is working. 2. Don’t give in, never give up no matter how hard and bad you think it is. Be faithful and do what’s right, all the time! 3.Be careful with every decision I make and ponder where it will lead me. I don’t want to say as Jacob did that my life has been short and more sinful that good. 4. Be a good example and get to know each of my children better. Train them in the way they should go, get right down to their hearts instead of just concentrating on obedience.

There was a lot more there but I’ll not go on and on and on with it all. Hopefully I’ll see a review or two to read later on. :) If you are new and would like to join in on Book Review Friday now is a perfect time to start. Since we’re starting our new book in Acts this week and we’d love to have you come along! Read up on Book Review Friday if you’d like and and there are even instructions on how to copy and paste a link in Mr.Linky so we can all read your review next Friday.


Movie Review: Miss Potter


Miss_potter Hubby and I watched another movie last night. Although I will warn you that it probably isn’t a guy kind of movie (taken from the reaction of my hubby), but I enjoyed it. It is so nice to be able to add Miss Potter to my list of clean stuff to watch. You can watch it without fear of anything off-color or rude, there is no bad language of any sort. It’s just a nice clean movie. Nothing to get up in the night and holler about but pleasant to watch all the same.

Even though I cannot give it a Bonus or Ultimate clean movie rating isn’t it nice to know there’s another ‘clean’ one out there!?

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Book Review Friday: Genesis 39-44


First things first, we’ll move on to Genesis chapters 45 – 50 for this coming week. That means that we will have finished with Genesis which means that summer will officially be over! Wow!! How fast time flies.

This was the first time in a few weeks that I have been able to set aside more time to read. I was getting pretty discouraged at missing so much as I wasn’t able to concentrate or retain anything I did read. So glad to be getting routines back in place because I learned some stuff this week. :)

The first thing that came to mind was that I am quite often like Pharaoh. That’s something new to me, I’ve never thought I was like him before. You see, Pharaoh was all ears about what God had to say when he was upset about his dreams and a little scared about the future. He had enough belief in God to scare him into doing the right thing with the interpretation so as to ensure his comfort when the going got tough, but without any true God-fearing attitude. I’ve been that way many times, simply obeying on the outside but trying to manipulate my own destiny by supposedly faking God out. You just never know what He might do if He really takes this stuff seriously and I don’t want to be caught on the wrong side, know what I mean?

So that was Pharaoh. As for Joseph, he is my new favourite Bible hero! I should have named one of my boys Joseph. God made him a strong man. Love it.

The main thing that got my attention right from the start all began when I read the words, "It is not in me; God will…", from 41:16. That is a biggy to realize folks. This fact of it having nothing to do with me and everything to do with God has been on my mind since the beginning of this BRF week but it took on a bit of a new meaning for me on Wednesday night. There was a guest speaker at Bible study and he mentioned a bit about human depravity. That’s not a topic that is discussed much anymore. It was a reminder I needed. Do you really believe you are completely depraved? Webster’s says that depraved means moral corruption. Complete human depravity is something I have no choice but to believe in because scripture tells me the bare facts, I am a sinner and "there is none righteous, no not one", and "all of our righteousness is as filthy rags". What’s the point in saying I don’t believe I am completely corrupt on my own, it’s true whether it’s admitted or not.

Anyway, all that to say that if I truly believe that I am completely depraved then I will hold God in the same place that Joseph did from our reading this week. Through the verses we are left in no doubt of the true author of Josephs story. Constantly there are verses saying things like, "The Lord was with Joseph…", "the Lord made all he did to prosper…", "the Lord blessed the Egyptians house…", "…because the Lord was with him…", "It is not in me; God will…", "God has shown Pharaoh…", "God has made me forget…", "For God has caused me to be fruitful…".  Did you see the pattern when you read it??? Isn’t it exciting to see stuff like that!? :)  So unless we see ourselves as we truly are we won’t place God in His rightful place in our lives. I need to see that I am completely dependent on God for every single thing as Joseph did and give God the credit for every single thing that happens just as Joseph did. I’ll say he learned to believe in God that way through all those nasty trials that the Lord put him through.

It feels like I just got one of those glimpses into something that I’m totally missing out on. You would think that when you realized just how much of a low-life sinner you are it would be depressing. But somehow it’s great news. Again I am reminded that it’s not up to me. Just obey and trust God with the outcome, He’s gonna have his way no matter what so I’d like to stick to the right side ( but unlike Pharaoh, for the right reason of course). :)

Okay, It’s time for me to stop rambling about Genesis and let you ramble about it. Looking forward to seeing who has a review this week. If you are new to Book Review Friday check out the info on my sidebar and join in on the experience with us ladies. Better yet, start up a blog so you can post a review. :)

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My bad.


I hate that saying but it fits. I just noticed how messed up I was on the Book Review Friday readings. I had the wrong chapters listed for the reading for the past 2 weeks. Sorry ladies! So if I’ve caught you early enough and you didn’t just read what you wanted anyway, we’re actually reading all the way to chapter 44 this week. So, Genesis chapters 41 – 44 until this Friday. My review will actually be on chapters 39 – 44 because I was just messed up and that’s all there is to it. :)

With deepest apologies,

~Your humble BRF host.

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First things first, We’ll be reading Genesis chapters 41-44 for next weeks review.

Now it’s my turn to apologize yet again for being a terribly poor host of Book Review Friday. I do not have a review. Life has been hectic and I believe this is the very last week of craziness for a while so I feel confident in promising to be back on track next week with you. I’m really looking forward to normal routine again.

Here is Mr.Linky so that you can add your review. I will look forward to reading any that are there but will probably not have a chance to read them until tomorrow. Big party tonight at my place this evening. Maybe I’ll let you know what it’s all about later. :) For now, link away…

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Book Review Friday : Genesis 30-34


First things first, we will carry on with Genesis chapters 35-38 for next Friday. This means that summer is almost over, Crazy!!!

My review will be short and sweet yet again this week. I’m not feeling well and I’m very busy. It really does bother me to not be able to write a review of any sort but will love it if I could read yours, so please fill up Mr.Linky and I’ll check it out. Maybe I’ll give a few thoughts on this weeks reading along with next weeks review.

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Book Review Friday: Genesis 26-29


First things first, until next Friday we’ll read Genesis 30-34. If you would like to know more about Book Review Friday just check it out on my left sidebar. :)

Okay, it’s VBS week and things are crazy so this will be really, really short. :) Three things that stand out to me:

  • 1) It is not only wrong but insane to have more than one wife. So glad it’s not like that today.

  • 2) In reading through all this history of people I thought I knew about I have realized that they were regular people with lots of sin in their lives. The depravity of man. We are so sinful and make huge blunders in the face of God and God just keeps on blessing and forgiving, working in us. Abraham and Isaac made many mistakes, Jacob growing up and catching up with the rest of his family in the ‘let’s be an idiot and do the wrong thing’ area. And in the middle of all the bad things they chose to do God is there telling them how they are going to receive His blessing. I don’t understand why God is so gracious but I am thankful He is.

  • 3) Apparently way back when family visits were long. Jacob shows up at a relatives house and they invite him to stay, for a month! I’m doing well if I’m prepared enough to ask someone to stay to supper.

  • So that’s that. Short and sweet. Here’s Mr.Linky for those of you who aren’t crazy busy yourselves and have a little something to say about this weeks reading. :)

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