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Book Review Friday: Acts 22-28


Edited to add: I figured out Mr.Linky for WordPress…. kind of… It looks like it’s going to have to be an extra click to get the names up. Sorry, the best I can do so far.

First things first, we’ll be moving over to the book of Ezra this week. I am really REALLY excited about this one, I’ve been waiting since June to do it. :) So we’ll see how many times we can read the whole book of Ezra before next Friday and all meet back here to see what we learned (or didn’t understand).

As for my review on Acts, that will have to wait. It’s been a crazy few days and I’ll hopefully get back here to write something down before the end of the day. It would seem that my family would rather have some groceries than a new blog posting. 

I’m not liking WordPress much at the moment. I cannot figure out how to get Mr.Linky on here properly. Sorry if you are an early bird and want to get your review up. I’m trying. :(


We love books,


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Yoga & Christians DO NOT mix!


I know that there are many Christians out there that are getting interested or involved in Yoga. All I can say is “scary!”. But John MacArthur handles himself very well and brings everyone back to the root of the problem. So go ahead and check the little interview out and see for yourselves. :) Unfortunately I was not able to upload the video to show on my blog, Youtube wouldn’t allow for Typepad accounts. Oh well…

Book Review Friday: Acts 16-21


First things first, :) we’re going to finish up in Acts this time around. Woo-Hoo! So it’s on to chapters 22-28 this week. I love Acts. It’s leaving me with so many verses I don’t understand, but a lot I do. I’m excited to read other books and experience ‘scripture interpreting scripture’ for myself.

As may be the case for quite some time, I am short on time to write down much of what struck me this week. I’ll stick with one general thought. It’s a thought that has come out in every book we’ve read, but it’s always fresh and exciting, and convicting no matter how often.

"And see, now I go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem, not knowing the things that will happen to me there, except that the Holy Spirit testifies in every city, saying that chains and tribulations await me. But none of these things move me, nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God." 20:22-24

Paul knew what it was all about. He was okay with whatever happened to him no matter how bad or painful it was because he was only concerned with giving Glory to God. I always let you know what a scary thing that is for me. I do not find surrender easy. The thing that struck me was that Paul was banking on this kind of living to bring him ultimately to joy. If I am looking for real joy in my life (and I must say that I am on a daily basis) then I need to look no further than this. It’s just so hard to give it all over to begin with, that’s all.

Along with these thoughts there is a verse in Proverbs that rolls around in my head a lot these days. "The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish." 10:3 I could be having a very bad, long, horrible day by my standards and this verse tells me that I just need to keep plugging away at doing the right things, all those things that my Bible tells me about, and acting in a way that God would be pleased with, and He will not let me wither away. He gives me strength to do what He wants me to do.

Paul understood all this. He knew it wasn’t about him, it’s all about the Lord. I just need to be reminded… every single day!

Well that’s all I have time for. I hope you all were able to find the time to do lots of Bible reading this past week. If you didn’t you still have the rest of your life to get on track and start in. :) And of course once you start in you could start writing down a few thoughts about it and link over here so we can all encourage one another.



One of my littln’s is a sucker every time. :) As soon as my oldest two were finished cleaning up the supper dishes I set out a puzzle on the table. Within just a few minutes there was a busy mind and set of hands working away.


I knew it would happen. :)

I’m still here.


I haven’t been around here much. My blog has taken a back seat since school began. For the few that may still read up on whats happening here at ‘Watch the Sky’ I thought I’d give a very quick update before we head off for church this evening. We’ve been loving life and here are a couple pic’s to prove it.

Some more produce from our garden….


A work day in which we had some much appreciated help from ‘the cousins’….


Some relaxing time at the shore with the family. It was hard but we managed…


Corn on the cob roasted by the sea, how can you beat that?!?!


A family outing to help daddy build his tree stand. We’re all praying for a nice big deer to find his bait pile very tempting. :)


Thus is life these days. :)

Book Review Friday: Acts 8-15


First things first, we’ll be reading Acts chapters 16-21 for next Friday’s review.

I’ll have to admit that it has been a bit of a challenge at finding the time needed to read the chapters all in one sitting this past week. We started school and that seems to be enough to take away any extra time that I thought I used to have. I have read chapters 8-15 a few times but I don’t have an exact count. It might be 4 times I read through, it might be 3, I honestly don’t know. But here’s a few little tidbits that stood out to me while I read. One thing I am finding is that the New Testament has many more baffling parts than I have found in the Old T. That’s something I never thought would happen. :)

I just love the over all simplicity of the early church. They weren’t worried about having a great sunday school program. They weren’t doing their best to have the best ‘worship’ music around. They weren’t even striving to be spiritual, God did that for them. These people just heard the message of repentance and that Christ could save them from their sin and they followed His teachings. They prayed, the fasted, they encouraged and taught each other, they were filled with the Holy Spirit,they had joy.

The filling of the Holy Spirit is one thing that got my attention. We don’t hear about that much any more. It would seem that none of us are concerned in our day to day lives about being completely filled with the Spirit. I know that the thought of praying for this in my own life has not entered my little brain for years. It’s not hard to notice, I know.  What would our church be like if we all were seeking the Lord to fill us with His Spirit. We would have a real love for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and we would have the same boldness in speaking of Christ.

I have a new hero in Acts that I never knew about before. Cornelius was a great guy. “a devout man and one who feared God with all his household, who gave alms generously to the people, and prayed to God always.” 10:2  Yep, Cornelius is one of those quiet heroes who just lived out his faith daily in an unassuming way.

My time is up so that is all I can write. I’ll be looking forward to seeing who shows up on Mr.Linky this week. And if you’d like to join in with us check out the Book Review Friday ditty to see what it’s all about and then start reading! :)