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Weeds be gone.


First of all, I find this really weird. Did you know you could even do that?!!

I’m checking in again to let you all know how our veggies are doing. Life is good on the farm these days. With a 2 day rest from the strawberry patch (see previous post) I’m not so tired and the house could almost be called neat and tidy. Almost.

Here are a few pictures from our main garden. I’m loving how weeded rows look. This is the first year we’ve had an almost weed free place for our stuff to grow. The first one is our potato plants. Very exciting eh?!

The beets. :)

And here is our little guy sitting beside the peas. Hubby is dishing up his first salad of the year from our garden this evening. Our very own lettuce, green onion, and peas are ready to chow down on!

And here is a view from the other side of the peas. This is the area for the squash. We have 9 hills of squash all together and this will be a forest of their huge plants in just a short while. We spent today weeding this area so it looks much neater now. You can see hubby back there working away amongst the corn and our oldest is in the beans.

And just because I know you really want to see, here is a shot of our cherry trees.

The kids are just waiting for those cherries with mouths watering. :)

I hope you are all having a great weekend!


Strawberry field how-to.


If you plan on going into those fields to give your kids a chance at a 1-2 week summer job here are a few things you might want to know before you start:

* Old clothes should be worn, of course. But just so you know there is a way to get berry stains out of your clothes very easily. I’ll let you know later gaters. :)

* Pants are better than shorts. Most find it easier picking down on your knees which can make for some scratched & raw skin if you have shorts on.

* Kids really do need a hat working out in that hot sun beating down on them. They last a lot longer out there when they are protected. (Ignore the picture I posted. Thanks.)

* You will need cash on hand to pay for the boxes you pick the first day. We always visit the bank machine on our way to the field. After we’ve sold the berries we picked that day we just deposit the amount we took out back into the bank. The profits from the day are used to buy our berries the next day. Easy sneezy and no loss to us.

* Water bottles are a great help.

* If you can start gathering up old strawberry boxes from your neighbourhood before the season starts you can save money. There is usually an extra charge for the boxes. So we pay $1.25 for the berries and another 10 cents for the box. around here.

* If you don’t already have crates you’ll need something to store your berries in and protect them from squishing until you sell them. You may not want to spend too much extra on crates.

* We take a calculator, paper, & pen to do all of our money figuring on.

* Have a place in mind that would be good to sell your berries when you are done picking, and a table or something to display them on. The more traffic the better and the earlier you get out there to sell the better. People like to buy them when they were picked that morning.

* Have clear signs ready for the kids to hold for passerbys to see. So many people stop just because there are cute kids by the road waving them down. They are doubly pleased when they find out the kids actually picked the berries. (Also take extra paper & markers with you so you can drop the price on your signs if you want to.)

* The longer the berries are out the more ripe they get. Within an hour or two they can change from looking really yummy to only jam worthy if they aren’t kept out of the sun.

Just a few pointers. :)

Family summer job.


Summer jobs are possible for little ones. A perfect one for us as a family is strawberry picking which is what we’ve been up to all week. We drive to our friendly U-pick field and give the kids a bunch of boxes and tell them to find a row and start piling big red berries.

It isn’t hard work, but it definitely isn’t easy. You can come and go as you please. You can pick 1 box or 500 if you wish. If things don’t work out one day its okay if you don’t show up. The whole family is welcome (though I encourage you to keep your own children with you so they won’t annoy anyone else. Just speaking from experience :) 

It really is a good experience. We pick as many boxes as we can and pay the friendly farm people the U-pick price for the berries. Then, we go set up our table and re-sell them to others in town for a profit.  We keep track of how many boxes each child picks and they get the profit for those boxes. It is extra exciting when they are old enough to handle the money.

Every year we learn a little bit more about working hard, attitudes (have mercy!!!), good service, wise spending, and the value of a dollar. There is a lot to be said for time spent in a berry field. That is, there is a lot to be said as long as the time spent doesn’t look like this…
If you would like to try it yourself I’ll post a few pointers for the beginners later on. If you are an expert in the area already please send some tips to me, we’d love to know how to fine-tune things even more. :)


Book Review Friday: 2 Samuel 7-11


If you do not know what Book Review Friday is just check out my sidebar for all the details. We are a small group of women who would love to have you join the ranks. :)

First things first, we’ll read 2 Samuel 12-15 until next Friday. Read those chapters everyday (or more) for the next week and just see if you don’t surprise yourself on what you learn!

Well, this weeks reading brought many little details out of the whole story that I just never knew. But the major part that stuck with me was chapter 11, the part about David, Bathsheba, and Uriah. Common story with lots of lessons to apply to our own lives in so many ways.

First of all I believe that Bathsheba knew exactly what she was doing when she took that bath. From what I understand it is pretty common knowledge whether the king is home or away. People would have known that the king was home and it is also common knowledge that the king was quite the good looking man. I believe that Bathsheba wanted to be noticed, and wanted, by David. So I’d say that my first lesson is in purity, modesty, & fidelity. Important stuff. We women hold a lot of power in our actions. We need to be aware of what we are causing in the hearts of the men around us.

In looking at David and  Uriah it makes me very afraid for my boys. We live in a world with so many Bathshebas around its scary. Guys have to struggle to be pure everywhere they go. Everywhere. Hanging out with friends, on the job, those magazines in the stores, even within the church there are temptations. Life is never free of them. What scares me is that not even David was strong enough to handle it. I have always thought this (purity) to be almost impossible battle to win until this week. While reading and thinking about David’s situation and the sin there I, for the first time ever, saw hope in that man Uriah.

I’d like to talk to Uriah’s mom. How did she raise a man to be strong like that. How did she handle situations while he was a teenager. What did she say to him about such things? What kind of man was his father?  

After a long time of being away from his wife I’m sure Uriah missed her and would like to go down and say ‘hello’, but he refrained because of the principle of the thing. Couldn’t leave his men to go enjoy himself while they were out there fighting for their people & their lives. I have a feeling Uriah is a real good guy. I’d like my boys to be like him in this area for sure.

I’m being swarmed by children. They need attention. We’ve had a busy week and I’ll update y’all on it as soon as I find another few minutes while they are all quiet. But I cannot write while they hang off my shoulder. I’ve written yet another short & sweet review with a big long deep one in my brain waiting to come out, but life is crazy. I’ll read yours as soon as it is up on Mr.Linky. Looking forward to it! :)


Book Review Friday: 2 Samuel 1-6


If you do not know about Book Review Friday yet please check it out on my sidebar and feel free to join in wherever we are reading. Even if you don’t read along with us pick up your Bible and start reading it with purpose and be encouraged that there are others out there doing the same!!!

First things first, its on to 2 Samuel 7-11 for next Friday. Each day read these chapters and then write down what you have learned. It can be something you memorized and the reason why, or a long ‘epistle’ that you are so excited to write it all down. It can be a verse that meant a lot to you or just anything. Writing it down really does make a difference!

As for my review on this weeks reading…. nothing deep.

I keep learning new parts of David & Sauls story. There is so much I didn’t know, names I’ve never heard of, facts that were completely missed in all my growing up years. One of the things I was thinking about it Davids wife Michal and how she despised him when he was so excited bringing the ark back. I wonder if she ever really wanted to be with David in the first place. I wonder if while David was away (for about 5 years wasn’t it?) and she was married to another man that she was truly happy with the guy. Can you imagine loving your wife so much but because the king wants her back you have to give her up. I can imagine that she wouldn’t have found it easy either. But that’s just me thinking. :)

I know this is a very very short, kind of totally boring review. Its busy busy here. I’m loving the reading and I hope you are too but there isn’t enough time to translate my notes from my hand written notebook into type that you will understand at this late hour. If you are reading along I really hope you are learning and enjoying the time spent in the Word!

Here is Mr.Linky for any reviews that are waiting to be put up. Sorry its so late.  :(

Things I’ve learned.


We have experienced a few new things (for us anyway) here at Watchthesky in recent months. Some biggies, some not so biggies. But we learn a little, or a lot, from each one. Life lessons, you know? We’re still young but we have a bit more life experience and knowledge than we did 10 years ago when we thought we had all the answers. Now we know we don’t have them all, but we are more sure & convinced of a few answers we do have than ever before. 

God has been at work. He’s changed us in many many ways, too many ways to fit into a post. But I could let you in on 3 ways. :) So read on if you want to know a couple of the little (or big depending on how you see it) things that we’ve learned so far in no particular order.

 Lesson #1: Dogs & us do not mix. Not right now anyway. Chica was adopted into a dog loving, attention giving, even let stinky canines into every room of your house, kind of family. We gave her away. The kids cried. I was free.  Next time we feel the urge to get a dog remind us to weigh the matter out very carefully. Remind us how studped stupid we can be when it comes to things like that. Thanks.

Lesson #2: I’m partial to my cow. Cows are a good thing. I don’t even mind petting her. I don’t even mind taking her for her walk from the barn to the pasture when its my turn. And, I think she likes me too. She’s swell.

Lesson #3: You haven’t cried until the tears come from faith. Stepping out of the boat and learning to walk on the water can be a very scary thing. Learning that God is good, all the time, can be a painful teary journey. I realize that I haven’t been through what many have in this type of lesson, but I do have a taste of the bitter-sweet lessons that bring one closer to their Saviour in a way not thought possible.


Before I say hello to my pillow….


Its late and I need to get to bed. Big day tomorrow ya know. Fathers day.  :)

Before I hit the hay I have to send you over to Amy’s blog to watch this. Its much more fun to watch with the volume on, so make sure okay!?

I met Amy a long time ago very briefly and enjoy keeping up with her bubbly life through her blog. I do keep up with reading it and for some reason she wasn’t on my sidebar when I moved over from blogger. Well, she’s back over there in her spot now and I’ve added a few other cool links for y’all to check out as well. That Tip Junkie is awesome, and the Inspired room just makes me drool a lot. :)

Have a great Fathers Day everyone!

And don’t forget to read 2 Samuel if you are part of BRF!! :)