I figured it out!


I disappeared for a bit again. I couldn’t figure out how to get my photos posted. They changed the set up on my photo account and totally confused me. I find it impossible to blog without pictures. They say things way better than I can write them.

Here’s some fun pic’s just because it’s fun and I love being back. :)

Here is the purse birthday cake that my niece made her little sister. It tasted so good!

A recent bonfire at Watch the Sky Farm. :)

One of many pictures from a photo shoot with my youngest. She’s cute. :)


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  1. Hey Marg! I have no idea how to do that. If you could enlighten me I would so appreciate it!! I’ve asked a few people but they haven’t been able to tell me another way to do it.

  2. The way I do it is when I’m adding a new post. Make sure you are in ‘visual’ as opposed to html (tab at the top). Click on the box icon. It will say ‘add an image’ when you put your cursor over it. Then you browse your computer for the picture you want, then select upload. This takes you to another page where you can select how you want it to show in your post – left side, middle, etc, size large, thumbnail etc., then you can click to insert it into your post or you can click the ‘from computer’ tab at the top to upload another picture. Uploading more than one picture allows you to insert them one by one into your post or you can create a gallery picture.

    You can also click the ‘media library’ tab at the top to insert a picture that you previously uploaded.

    Another way to upload an image to the media library is when you are at your dashboard. In the column on the left where it says ‘media’, click ‘add new’. Then when you are creating a new post, you click ‘add an image’ as before but instead of uploading, you go to the media library to retreive it to insert into your post.

    Hope that helps. You might have to play around with it to figure things out.

  3. Hey Shannon! Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I’ve remembered your blog address and have checked periodically since we moved but it obviously has been a while since I checked! Your family is beautiful and the kids are growing way too fast (:
    Maybe we’ll see you in the West sometime! Jen

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