Near the sea….


Do you live by the sea?
If you have ever had time to roam on, sit by, and just be near the sea…
You know.
You just know.
Near the sea we forget to count the days….

We took a drive over to the shore last week.
The smell.
The sound.
The light.
The taste.
It’s all there.

Sitting on the old lighthouse foundation and thinking about times past, things present, and hoping in things to come. You do that when you are by the sea…


Treasures found by the sea are not of gold and silver.

You hold them in your hand and treasure them a little differently.

Knowing they are crowded in your palm and in your pocket bring smiles.
Life’s simple pleasures.100_5844100_5845

It is ALWAYS too soon to have to leave.

One last look, breath, touch, and then it’s back.

But we tuck ourselves in to bed at night refreshed and peaceful and still able to hear the faint sound of waves and wind, even taste that salt air just a bit…


…’til next time.


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