cow catching


If you are getting ready for work…

and you are trying to finish your ice cream and relax for 5 minutes before leaving…

and it’s pouring rain…

you probably aren’t going to be pleased when your daughter yells from the window, ” Twink’s loose!”

Hubby & sons ran out and managed to chase her out of the ditch (on the other side of those lilacs)….

straight through every single thing that they had planted in the garden just before it rained.

Nice Twink.

When she had finished destroying that she took off for the back yard…

It took a few minutes, umbrellas, yelling, and a bucket of grain, but they got her back in her stall safe and sound.


And hubby got off to work in time. :)


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  1. Hello Amy!! :) I just tried to go visit you on your blog and it wouldn’t work. I s something wrong on my end or yours? I’d love to see how you and yours are all doing, baby and all. :) We’re doing great. Our little one is precious, of course. How about life with three. Fun or what?!

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