Bless your cherry pickin heart!


Our cherries are ready to be picked and they are really good this year. Our first year of getting around to harvesting them. Also, the first year for cherry jam. :)

Twink was very nice and allowed us in her territory to pick them.

It’s kind of a cozy way to spend a day. Work all day long, feel like you’ve accomplished something, take the kids swimming for an hour or so, come home for supper, and then finish the day off by gathering in the ‘orchard’ and filling a few bowls with cherries. :)

I was shocked that it took me a full hour to pit a bowl of cherries. We now have about 6 cups of prepared cherries for jam and hopefully a tasty pie.

And hubby is even more excited that more will be ready to be picked tonight…. along with the second round of peas….


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  1. Hi, I came across your blog through Smockity Frocks. I just wanted to say you have some gorgeous photos! I love photography as well and I just really thought your photos were unique and well-done. God Bless. :)

  2. Those cherries look delicious, I could really go for some fresh ones direct for the tree now that we have snow on the ground. I think I will have to make a cherry pie this week. Great photos!

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