We managed to get out berry picking again. We were supposed to have our first swim in Grampie & Grammie’s pool, but the thunder showers had perfect timing and we just sat on the veranda and hoped it would stop soon.

It didn’t.

We went to a friends place and picked spray free berries for our own freezer.
Freezing them individually first, and then putting them in freezer bags means they don’t all stick together in the bags and you’ll be able to take our two berries or 4 cups at a time if you want. Brilliant.

And while doing the evening chores the kids called us out to see the double rainbow. Very cool.

Good day. :)


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  1. Where do you live? It looks like my dream world! I love all the berries, kids in bare feet, beautiful land, large front porch….so awesome! That is my dream world! :)) How fun!

  2. Believe me, the pictures make it look much different. But, even though things are always a mess, lots of things falling off or crooked around the house, it is how we see it. :0) That’s life in Canada for you! :)

  3. Awww….it’s beautiful there. My husband works for a company out of Canada. Nice job on your photos! I enjoy taking pictures too! :D

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