I have nothing to say, but….


I just feel like blogging. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now and feel the need to chillax here for a minute. We just had everyone over for a birthday afternoon and the kids are all playing happily with a few new toys, and mommy is avoiding the clean up.

I love hot summer days. I love it that Grampie & Grammie’s pool is almost ready. I even love it that strawberry season has begun and we’re off to the fields tomorrow morning bright and early. The kids are excited to make some good honest money! But before I go crazy getting ready for tomorrow morning here’s a few fun pictures for you. :)

Cupcakes are fun. My daughter loves decorating them too. They look extra cute on a beautiful new pedestal cake plate found for $3.00 at a yardsale. :)

Weeding in the garden is a daily affair these days.

This year hubby opted for the wood splitter rental instead of chopping 6 cords by hand. It took them all day but he and my oldest son got it all done. I was sooo proud with how hard a kid can work and enjoy it for 8 hours straight. Now, if we could just get that same enjoyment and vigor while doing a math drill….

Here’s my youngest digging into his birthday gifts. He loves presents. But he also loves to give presents. It’s been very difficult to get him to keep and enjoy his gifts since he’s opened them.

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love pedestal dishes of all kinds. I’ve wanted to do this with my glasses ever since I got them almost a year ago (from the dollar store). We have so many people running around we really do need glass markers, hence the ribbon. How cute is that. Mind you, when you invite a lot of people over you need lots of ribbon, but that’s what the sale bins are for, eh?! :)

That reminds me of last year when we invited a whole bunch of people over. There were lots and lots of kids. I got the throwoutable cups and did this. Also worth the 2 minutes it takes to do. The kids aren’t going through a million of them. Anything to make life a little more sane or easier. :)

Well, now it’s time for me to stop avoiding and get back to real life. Have a great night. :)


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