Uncle Wiggily & Johnny


Uncle Wiggily was a game that my mom had when she was little. She played it with me a number of times when I was young and I just loved it. It was old with beautiful pictures, lots of detail and fun little poems and riddles on the playing cards. For the past number of years I’ve searched for it on ebay and such places without any luck. Then, one day last week my mom found this newer version of it at Frenchy’s for next to nothing. She gave it to me!
It’s been raining here for a couple of days so the kids brought it out and have had a number of games already. It’s great for the younger ones because the cards are simple enough for them to read themselves.

Thanks mom. :)

We also used to read a gorgeous book called Johnny and the Birds. We LOVED it. It also was from my mother’s childhood and I had been searching for a copy of my own for a few years. While visiting a friend I noticed she had a copy. It had been taped back together but all the story was still in tact and … I loved it. She gave it to me, just like that. That was a few years ago. It’s one of those books that no matter where the kids are or how old they are they all make their way to the couch where it’s been read. They don’t make books like that anymore.
Thanks Lorna. :)

So, have you found some childhood treasures of your own??


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  1. How clever of your Mom to find an Uncle Wiggly game at Frenchy’s!
    I have to admit I do love old childhood board games and expecially books, can’t bear to throw any of my own children’s books away – too many happy memories :)

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