BRF: Summer in the Psalms (44-50)


Check out my sidebar for more information of Book Review Friday.

This coming week we’ll be moving into chapters 51-57. Read one each day, reading it more than once a day if possible.

I was shocked after supper when I realized it was Friday already. I will not be writing out a review this week. So there. My house is in a state of craziness as I’m in the middle of moving things around to make way for baby. Only 16 weeks to get organized. It can be done… It can be done…

Anyway, if you did write a review or are going to please leave a link to it in the comments. Please don’t let my lack of review keep you from writing one. I don’t want to discourage any reviews! They are a great encouragement!!

Off I go to hopefully get to bed early. :)


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  1. I jumped ahead to the 30’s this week, thinking I would be reading along with everyone else. I guess I’m still way behind.

    I can’t collect myself enough to write reviews these days. Who am I kidding? I can’t even collect myself enough to write a comment. This is my third try.

    I am reading, although much slower than you. I am also coming across things I never remember reading before, and am finding much to think about.

    Just wanted to let you all know.

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