Getting together


It had been a week since we had a party, so it was time. Family & a couple friends were invited for an evening at Watch the Sky farm. :)  Since we like taking pictures I thought I’d share a bit of our ‘get together’ with you.

We set a table outside for the multitude of kids. It was so nice and warm we just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather.


My daughter found some rocks she had painted in years past to hold down the tablecloth.


To make the table cozy in the kitchen we put together a simple centerpiece. Pedestal cake plate, mason jars, rice, candles, and fun confetti. So cute!


Supper was so good. We ate potluck style and everyone brought very yummy stuff.


Dessert was yummy too. That whipped topping dessert was a hit. Thanks Jenn!! :)


We introduced everyone to some new chicks.


Everyone had a million turns on the new zip line in the backyard.


And we ended by having a bon fire.


Marshmallow faces and tired out kids. Gotta love summer. :)


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  1. it was some seriously good food and good times…Chloe is still recovering from all the running and chasing of the zip line and slept till almost 9am this morning! :)

    thanks again!

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