‘You know not if you will pass this way again’…


We were all gathered in the hospital waiting room this morning. Hubby off work for a few hours for the event. My children excited to catch a glimpse. Grampie & Grammie waiting for yet another turn to see another grandchild that won’t be held for 20 more weeks yet.

Ultrasounds are amazing.

I laid there while the technician took measurements, describing what she saw. “Here are the hands”…. “there are the legs”…. “heart rate is 161″…

“It looks like a girl.” :)

Just before heading out for my appointment I read this beautiful post. You will understand better how I feel right now after reading it.

This morning in that dark room while I watched the little legs, toes, fingers, on the screen I couldn’t help but cry. I never thought I would experience this again. It’s so good to be back.

So good.


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  1. I was thinking as I read your first paragraph that you sounded much like the Holy Experience lady – as I kept reading I saw why.

    No matter how old I am or how many children I have, I think I would always be happy to pass that way again.

  2. HOORAY FOR GIRL! Love it! Loved this post, too. In my ultrasound with Jack, I cried the second he popped up on the screen and I instantaneously LOVED him! I think it is because I already had Leah and totally understood how amazing and special babies are… and that there was really a real live person inside of me!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m off to read that post…

  3. Just read it. Teary. I want another baby right now. ‘You know not if you will pass this way again…’.

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