Bridal Shower by Mom


This week my mother hosted a bridal shower for a cousin of mine. We love parties around here and I thought I’d share a few things that may interest you if you ever host one in your home. Everyone loves a new idea or two.

My mom used soft decorations with pretty candles to add a bit of ‘special’ to the rooms we’d be using. She brought out her veil & wedding dress to use as a backdrop for the gifts in the corner and make the area beside the bride-to-be’s seat pretty. I love how she added lights to them.

She adds lights to everything. :)

As the guests arrived they were instructed to address an envelope to themselves. Now our bride-to-be doesn’t have to take the time to fill out all the addresses to send out her beautiful thank you cards. Charmin made the thank you cards specially for the bride as part of her gift. Wonderful thought, and we also used the addressed envelopes to draw names throughout the evening for prizes.


Again, my mother had a cute idea for prizes. She wrapped them all up, put them in a basket, and then tied a long ribbon to each one. Whenever someone won a prize they picked a ribbon that was hanging down and received whatever gift it was attached to.

And what kind of game could you play for such cutie little prizes you ask??? :) It is hard to find games that haven’t been done a million times before. Maybe this one is new to you. Tear out a bunch of the pages from an old bride magazine. Cut out a bunch of famous faces from other magazines and paste them in to the gown pictures. Everyone has to guess the true identity of the bride. Some of the people my mom picked were pretty crazy. Here is a sample…

When all the fun is said & done it’s time to bring out the goodies. This is only 1/3 of the food there was. It is always better to have way to much than to have just enough. And I’m always partial to foods set on pedestal dishes too. :) Use pretty china plates and real glass cups, it makes it even more special.

It was a nice evening. It was pretty, fun, and delicious. Oh yeah, the guest of honour was blessed with so many things needed to start a new home!


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