Recent ‘Watch the Sky’ Farm News.


Hubby spent a bit of time in the barn during the month of March. He had an idea of how we can water our garden without running up the electric bill. A windmill was the answer. This baby he constructed out of old materials in the barn, including a bicycle wheel, will be attached to a pump and draw water from a dug well we have within meters of our garden.


In other news, our lovely #59 is hopefully soon to be a mommy again. She is still giving us about 2 gallons each day but we’ve been told, and I ‘ve read, that she could be drying up soon. I’ve also read that the longest recorded milking for a Jersey after giving birth was 6 years. 6 years getting milk!! But we’re not taking our chances and if all goes well there will be a little calf born in the new year.

When the farmers from down the road came to ‘take care of things’ with Twink they needed some water at EXACTLY 32 degrees. Here is hubby working away at getting the temperature just right.

In the backyard the willow is beginning to show signs of green. Can’t wait until it is all filled out! This picture is taken from our campfire pit. Hubby is hoping to have a marshmallow roast every Saturday night, all summer long. :)

We had a bit of a scare with our chickens this month as well. Our neighbor is training his new beagle to stay on the yard, but it got away from him without him knowing. One chicken was killed and another survived but probably wished she didn’t, and another one we never did find. I should mention that they are very nice neighbors and even ordered us a couple new birds to replace the ones we lost.

And just because I love pictures here are a few recent ones from our home here at Watch the Sky. The antique crib was in a garbage pile and I just spray painted it and lavished it with some of my favourite blankets. The dresser was from my mom who didn’t want it anymore. It now holds all of my tablecloths.

Our supper table last night. A tablecloth really does make a difference! And so does fresh bread. It makes plain old hamburger taste so good.

And one thing I never get tired of seeing. Cowboy boots are just so cool. Might be the best $4.00 ever spent. I found them at a second hand store. They look much more worn than they did when I first brought them home. :) My oldest has been wearing them everywhere!!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend. I’m off to clean and re-organize.

Don’t forget to keep reading your Psalm for the day!!!


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  1. i still can’t believe mom GAVE you that dresser. i was with her when she bought it for $3 at a yardsale. i think you should send it to me :)

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