BRF: Summer in Psalms


If you would like to know more about what Book Review Friday is please check out my sidebar and join in wherever we are. It’s never too late to start digging into God’s Word!! :) This week we’re tackling Psalm 8-14. You can read it all every day or just one per day. Just don’t forget to write things down as you go. It makes such a difference to makes notes of what the Lord reveals to you.

Well, we’ve read through the first 7 Psalms. I got a couple of emails about how glad ladies were to be back at Book Review again. Bibles, notebooks, coffee in hand… it’s good to really really read your Bible, with a purpose. So glad there are others excited right along with me!

I’m not going to get deep with my review. I’ll just give a couple points that I wrote down in my binder as I read this week. It’s all good, but here’s some random things I noticed:

* Psalm 3. I loved it. It showed the possibility of going through very difficult times and being sustained by the salvation of the Lord. So good.
* Psalm 4:5. The phrase, “The sacrifices of righteousness…” caught my attention. Being willing to do the right thing, God’s choice, even if it means that is the only benefit. You know, when you know you’re doing the right thing but you don’t want to and it causes you much more pain than if you did otherwise… It got me thinking.
* Psalm 5:7. “In fear I will worship toward Your holy temple.” My life is not characterized by worship in fear. Seriously, if I took some time each day to meditate on just who God is it would put a lot of ‘fear’ in me to keep me in check throughout my daily tasks. Good for me to think about.

That’s all I’ll write. I’ve got a cold and still have a lot on the go today. If I hurry and get stuff done I might be able to grab a snooze. :)

If you have a review for us to see please leave a comment on this post so we can check it out. Or you can leave a mini review right in the comments if you so choose.


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  1. Is it Friday already? I got the first one read and studied a bit before everyone started getting sick. I have some catching up to do.

  2. Great review. I totally missed the ‘sacrifices’ of righteousness… that’s a really good point. It can often be a sacrifice to do what is right. Hmmmm….

  3. I’m with Charmin, is it really friday already? Ok, I’ll be doing my review later…I got caught up a few days what with all the coughing and sniffling I was doing but I think I still did ok on the note taking :) I’ll come back and tell you when it’s done.

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