Book Review Friday starts up again!!!


Thank you for reminding me. Both Anne and Christina brought BRF up today and it’s a good thing! :) I had a ‘note to self’ in my binder to start up Book Review Friday again on April 24th… and then promptly forgot to read the note this week. I hope you don’t mind the very late notice.

If you get this post later in the week it shouldn’t be a problem to catch up with the Bible reading. I’m changing it up for the summer, and I’ll tell you why. Usually we read a book in the OT and then switch to the NT. But…

It was once said that if we want to get to know God, study the Psalms. I’ve been intrigued by that thought for a few years now.  I think now is a great time to start exploring it. I hope you are all excited about it with me. Here’s my idea:

Let’s read a Psalm every day. Not just read, but sit down and digest, meditate, and pray over one Psalm every day. We’re bound to see and discover and be convicted as we go through. It’s an exciting prospect to me.

If we start April 24th and give a few extra weeks for Psalm 119 (since it’s insanely long) we will finish up reading each and every Psalm, with purpose, by the end of September. That’ll be  just before labour & delivery for moi. :) At the end of it all you’ll be able to say that you have done a personal study through Psalms and will have a great reference on all you learned at you fingertips. The notes you keep as you go become so valuable to you later on. I love my binder. I love looking back through what I’ve learned. I imagine you do too if you’ve been taking part for any length of time.

So there you have it ladies. Book Review Friday is back in full force. Read a Psalm every day. Keep notes on what the Lord shows you each day in your binder/notebook. Come back each Friday and leave a comment to let us know that you blogged about your thoughts from your weeks reading, or just leave a comment with your thoughts.

Don’t forget, it can be short ‘n sweet, or long n’ deep. Just read, meditate, pray, and give God more ammunition to do battle in your heart. You won’t regret it!

Pass the word along about BRF too. You just never know who might start reading their Bibles with purpose for the first time in their lives. It’s addicting. :)

It’s simple. It’s free. It’s eternal. Go for it.


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  1. Oh I’m in. And totally amazed at how God works. I was just saying LAST NIGHT to a friend about how great it was to learn so much more about God and the Bible when we were doing BRF and how much I miss it. Crazy, eh? so, needless to say, I am excited that it’s back. yay!

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