So glad that a bunch of you listened in on the message for the prize. I’m not good with putting on a prize draw since I just felt guilty all day long that everyone didn’t win. That’s life, right?! :(

I am grabbing a minute to say hello while the kids are playing outside and the laundry has been folded.

My day started off helping my son do this:
…and then it started to do this…
… so that made me want to get this out …
…and then after school it stopped raining as much and this started…

Don’t you wish you had your very own Sou’ Wester?

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the French Vanilla my dad brought me, or his haircut he received.

It’s been a nice cozy day. How was yours?


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  1. Yes, I believe that we are close….are you up “in the valley”? I live on the South Shore.

    You are welcome back any time, I don’t blog on to many deep subjects, just updates for family and friends. They are mostly at a distance and like to know what is going on in the family.

    I will have to come back, when I’m not supposed to be making dinner, and have a look around. I am especially curious about the book review Fridays.

  2. when you said you wish you had gotten a picture of dad’s haircut, i assumed it meant he had the drunk barber again and it wasn’t pretty. so i called and asked how was his haircut, and he was all, what are you taking about?

    i’m an idiot.

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