Listen and win!!! : We now have a winner!!!


The names are all in and I thank you for taking part. It was a good listen and I’m excited that there are people out there excited about this kind of stuff! :)

I did the draw for the prize the old fashioned way (one of my kids drawing a name from a hat), and the winner is……….


Congratulations!! I’ll order those books and get them sent out as soon as Breakfast is done.


Because of circumstances beyond my control I will have to wait to draw a name for our prize. If you have not already listened to the message by now, you still have a chance to and leave a comment on my prize post.

I must say I am shocked with the lack of comments. People are saying its so hard to find the time to listen to it. Just turn it up really loud and continue about your day. That’s what I did and the kids got to hear it too. You’ll love it and you just might win a prize.

Go. Listen. You have until Wednesday morning at 7am!!!


Hello? Is anyone out there? Most of the time I figure it is useless to continue this blog thing. I’m figuring I’ve lost all my readers except for my few friends from close by that don’t want to hurt my feelings. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be sick for a couple months. :{  But hey, I’ve got a link for you all and want to give you a chance to win a cool prize.

Hubby and I listened to/ watched this message and would love to have a means of making copies and sending them to everyone we know but I’ll just let everyone know about it here in blog land instead.

I do double dog dare you all to listen or watch the video before Tuesday, April 21st is over,  and then come back and let me know your thoughts.

If you listen to the whole message, leave a comment saying so and your name will go in for the prize draw. If you and your hubby both listen to it, your name will go in three times for the draw.

And what might you win you ask???

fruit of her hands

praise her in the gates

I own and have underlined lots in the first book but don’t have, and would love to get my own copy of, Praise Her in the Gates. Instead, I am offering you the chance to win them both. The winner will be drawn next Tuesday and I will order a brand new copy of each book and have it sent out from Amazon the next day.

Sound like a good prize? Hope so.

Pass the word around. The more the merrier.


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  1. So, do we listen to it again if we’ve already heard it? I have some people who I know have heard it but might listen to it again for a prize. :)

  2. Good morning, Shannon!
    I finished listening to the message by Paul Washer and looked him on Google for more thoughts. I also emailed the audio site to the boys for their comments. I am not sure the “man” will listen to the message as he found the shouting a little disconcerting when he arrived home last evening, but shall see. I would have listened anyway, because I trust your judgment on these things and it gives a basis for discussion, but I wouldn’t have publicly told the world, if you hadn’t offered a prize. :) I found a couple of books I will try to remember to bring on Sunday. Have a great day! God bless!

  3. Shirley,
    So far you don’t have much competition on this one. You just might get those books! :) Maybe the ‘man’ can listen to it sometime when its turned down and he’s chillaxed. :) Thanks for the comments.

  4. As you know, I listened to it. I will be listening to it again, hopefully tonight, and taking notes. Excellent stuff.

    Just noticed the part about the hubby listening, too. Let’s hope he listens with me tonight. He heard bits and pieces in around work this morning, and I know he wants to hear it all.

    If I win you can borrow the books. I’m nice like that.

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  6. My husband and I have both listened to this. We love listening to Paul Washer’s sermons! Anne sent us the “Shocking Message” one a few years ago and we’ve been listening to him ever since. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home – I had my eyes shut, my ears closed, and my heart hardened for so many years… so listening to these kinds of convicting messages is just sweet, wonderful truth. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I LISTENED TO IT!!!! TWICE!!! But my husband hasn’t listened to the whole thing yet. And he won’t before tomorrow. Enter my name, please!

  8. OH! Oh! Oh! Am I too late? I haven’t really been in the blogging world lately, myself. I’ll have to recheck the cut-off date. We’re going up north to the land of dial-up for the week-end, so it may be a wee bit tricky. But, once I get back, I’ll definitly give er a listen….even if it’s too late!

  9. Amy,
    If it turns out that you are on dial up you might want to get someone to make a cd or two for you. (I think its too long for 1 cd) so you can listen to it easier. I’m no expert in those things, but I remember the days of dial up and these kinds of things were not possible. :(

  10. Hi there, again,

    I listened again this afternoon, AND my man listened tonight. The message is good, and we need to get it in our hearts. Hubby’s comments – the message is good, but the delivery is not. I guess that was one of Brother Paul’s first comments – try to get past the delivery if you don’t like it and take the message to heart. May Christ be glorified in us and may He use us to encourage others to walk in holiness as we strive to stay close to Him. Thanks for the link.

  11. I just read the last couple comments and it got me all excited again. I’m going to put coffee on and listen to it again while T is at work. I think I should get extra points for that.

  12. Jon and I listened to it tonight. I loved what he had to say, and I loved the delivery. Yell on, Brother Paul.

    This message (and another one by him that I found and listened to today) have brought clarity and direction to my poor, tired brain. Beyond that, I’ll not even attempt to share my thoughts in this tiny little comment box. I’m sure we’ll have opportunity to compare notes in person sometime soon.

    Thank you for sharing the link and motivating us to listen.

  13. congrats on winning, Charmin. luckyyyyyyyyyyy!

    I am going to put it on again today to listen. I find it hard to take things in unless I’m sitting there watching undistracted but since that will never happen 2 hours in a row, I’ll just keep listening. I’m bound to hear it all and take it in after awhile!…even if chloe covers her ears like she did a few times last night :) I don’t think she liked the delivery.

    I will say there was something that I heard loud and clear and it causes me to HAVE to check in with a friend. I’ve been meaning to do it anyway and now I must. I won’t say more than that right now….ooooo, I’m so mysterious :)

    Thanks Shannon!

  14. Congratulations, Charmin!
    Was it rigged?? G. said that Shannon should know the rules about “no family or employees”. :)
    Anyway, nice that you are so close and so generous – many of us will be able to help you wear out your copies! :)
    Take care. Thanks for the link and the challenge, Shannon.

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