They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.


I love music. I love lots of stuff and different styles. If it is Christian and has good words I probably like it. At our church we love music too. I love some of the newer songs (choruses) that we sing, but let’s be honest, many of them don’t say a whole lot. I’m so glad that we sing the hymns as well.

It was at church in the past 2 years that I heard the hymn “O Love That Will Not let Me Go’ for the first time and I fell in love with it. The words took my breath away. Those old hymns have depth. Listen & ponder.


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  1. I’ve been listening all day. Honestly, Shannon, we should be related. I’ve been playing the Gaither’s all afternoon, and have a new favorite song that I’m going to post later tonight or tomorrow.

    This is a beautiful song–one of the many that I’ve cried through today.

  2. Ummm, I’m assuming you didn’t know this because you didn’t write it in your post: we have a very close relative who wrote that song…not even kidding. Ask Mom. Look it up. I picked it as a favorite tonight at church.

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