Tired and blessed.


It’s been a rough go of it the past few weeks. I haven’t had the energy to cook and clean let alone do any blogging. I know my children are old enough and able enough to take care of the basic household duties, but these past 2 1/2 months have shown me just how much I’ve failed in that part of their training. We’re working on that. But in the meantime friends and family have stepped in and blessed our family big time. I mean Big Time!

It’s so different being pregnant with #5. People understand past issues and are praying for me. I know they are. They tell me all the time. Love it. This time we live close to family and friends and they  have helped with meals, bread, house cleaning, watching kids… the list goes on. When we lived in Ontario the closest family members were still about 5 hours away. Close enough that we were on our own.

Last night at prayer meeting a busy mom told me that they had taken the day off from school to cook and bake for us!!! Wow!! This is a busy lady with a big family that has had trials of her own recently to weigh her down. Here she is bringing me meals. They piled the food in our van before leaving for home.

I started feeling guilty that people were doing so much and I was doing so little. I started feeling a bit better these past two days and that made me feel even more guilt over all the work of others on our behalf. But in a few short moments of those feelings of guilt over it all I realized that the only reason that I feel as good as I do and my life is in the good shape it is right now is because of all those family & friends that stepped in while I was sick. If it hadn’t been for my mom and sister coming over to spend a day cleaning and doing laundry my home would be disgusting. If it weren’t for the bread and good treats that people stopped in, my family wouldn’t of had anything nice these past almost 2 months. If it wasn’t for prayers on my behalf about the depression thing, who knows, maybe I’d be a basket case right now.

I am so thankful for everyone who knows me and knew I needed them. I am so thankful I am not sick anymore (oh please, don’t let it come back again!!!). I am so glad that God showed me how to help others by seeing how other ladies helped me. (I’m taking notes! :)

So I’m just a normal pregnancy tired now. No morning sickness. So glad. I feel like I can keep up to life better now. I did buy lots of tomato soup and Kraft Dinner on grocery day to help me get through any rough days that may come. The kids think its a treat to get some KD since its been years since we’ve had it. Woo hoo! Life’s simple pleasures.


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  1. And remember, it is the LORD providing for and blessing you, putting His very loving care into the hearts of others who will be deliverers of it. How beautiful is His provision over our weaknesses – not looking down on them, but understanding them and working with them – not pushing us beyond possibility, but honoring our limits of humanity and waiting with us in them. How beautiful!!

  2. Horray for feeling a little better! Horray for friends and family! Horray for God! Horray for babies!

    I guess I’m in a “horray!” kinda mood this morning :)

  3. True Tami! I’m still wondering why I deleted my “God is Good” sentence I had in there. You are right, it is all God and that is exactly what friends have told me, “God told me to….”. It’s all very cool. :)

    Jenn, if I’m still not sick when I see you, I’ll say horray too. :)

  4. I’m saying a great big Horray for you too!! For all the same reasons Jenn said.

    Nothing like just copying someone else’s comment! ;)

  5. First of all Congratulations on expecting baby number 5.

    So glad you are over the morning (aka all day) sickness :) That must be a relief.
    Such wonderful family and friends you have to come around and help you out with all those everyday tasks that build up and can get you down.
    Wishing you many days ahead while you bloom and enjoy the Spring and Summertime :)

    Hazel xx

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