Recent pictures for your viewing pleasure.


We were shocked that although we quite often have ice cream in our freezer our children had never experienced a banana split!! Shocking. I’m not big on them, but the kids were certainly excited choosing their toppings and chowin’ down. :)


On his way back from the barn with some wood to keep us warm, this little guy needs to empty some snow from his boot.


Oh my. It was so good!


A  couple months ago I won a little email race against my sisters and my mom. Offer me a prize and I will actually answer an email.  How cute are those napkins!?


This is what it looked like Sunday morning when I got up. Nothing shocking, we’ve had a lot of bad weather this winter. You can’t tell from the picture but it is snowing heavily and looking very cozy.


But I’m done with cozy and ready for some green stuff to show through. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some of my favourite summer pictures to just remind me that there is hope and one day it will be warm again. If you post any yourself let me know, I’d love to come over and dream of summer on your blog too. :)


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  1. Surprisingly, I’m not really sick of the snow. I feel like I haven’t even enjoyed it yet! I think we’ve been sick since Thanksgiving. No exaggeration.

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