I love fabric!


I managed to find the gumption to clean up my sewing room a bit. I love seeing things reorganized. Just look at all that thread just waiting to be used. Oh, and that cutie little box that mom gave me. It now contains some fun ribbon and notions for future sewing experiments.


I have a thing about material. I just love love love it. I search through discount bins while out shopping, I check out second hand shops for cool fabrics at cool prices…. the only thing is, I don’t know how to sew. If I want to make anything I have to have an instructor with me the whole time… and it still never turns out. Scary.

But I continue to collect.


Any ideas on stuff to make? There might be a maternity skirt or two for the summer and I’m lovin that French Provincial (I think that’s what it’s called) on the bottom for a baby something-or-other.

I had planned to continue my ‘Children are a good thing’ post this evening. But I am not feeling well yet again. It will have to wait. I think I need to put a movie in and just chillax and knit. Knitting is my new favourite. :)


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  1. The photos in this post are beautiful and make me feel warm inside. I love how everything looks so special at your house. Of course you put spools and bobbins on a two-tiered serving dish! Love it.

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