Children are a good thing, Part 2


When I see families with many children I do not think them any more spiritual than the next. If you are able to pop out 20 babies in 20 years that does not mean you are a more godly woman than the next. There are some families out there with lots of kids that I admire. There are lots of families out there with lots of kids that I wonder what they are thinking.

This isn’t about numbers (for us anyway), its about seeking God’s direction and being willing listen, learn, and trust the God that we’ve come to know in deeper ways over the years. When I was 20 I had all the answers just as all Bible school graduates do. Then I had life to teach me a few things. I started learning, especially in the past few years, that all of life’s circumstances aren’t all black and white.

Maybe God would want us to have a whole passel of children. Maybe this will be it. Only each of us can know for ourselves, between us and God.  We didn’t  bother to ask Him honestly all those years ago. Its just one of those areas we assumed was up to us, and we did what we believed we could cope with.

Looking back, humanly speaking, I would still want to prevent having children for a while because of how I felt. I also feel like I missed out on a huge opportunity to see what God would do. But one cannot know the ending to a story they never began, and so I’ll never know what would’ve happened if I had simply prayed, waited, and trusted through a very difficult time. But He is faithful even when I am faithless and He has chosen to bless us through it all.

*More to come….


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