It’s Friday.


Hello everyone. I am not going to write a review. In fact, I am not going to be posting my reviews for BRF anymore. I’ll be back each Friday to let you all know what I’m reading next and you can join me if you want, but I’ve learned a lot this past week in Jeremiah and I want to put to practice what I believe the Lord is telling me.

That phrase that is in chapter 2 (I think) of Jeremiah keeps haunting me every step, every day. “walk after things that do not profit.” I don’t want to do that anymore and the computer time is something that I need to cut out even more than I already have.  So thank you Jeremiah for a kick in the pants. :) I’ll continue with my notes in my binder and I hope you do too.

For this coming week I’ll be reading Jeremiah 4-6.

In other news, Jenn’s latest post reminded me of a great site that was pointed in my direction one day a week or two ago. I have messed up so many things 4 times over with my children. I don’t know many right answers to parenting questions. We have great kids, but everyone has their weaknesses and failures and all of us have a lot to learn, no matter how much we think we have it all together. Raising Godly Tomatoes is AWESOME!!! A wealth of common sense for a Christian parent who wants to have disciplined, happy, obedient children. I started to order the book and it was going to end up costing me $40.00 when all was said and done. I don’t think so. Thank you shipping & duty. Thanks a lot! :(

Anyway, Check it out and let me know what you think. I wish that I had started raising my kids this way when they were all young and easily molded. It’s much harder when they are 10 instead of 2…. but not impossible. :)


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  1. Sigh, I will miss your reviews but I do understand. Jeremiah kicked me in the pants as well. But for me, it’s the tv. Tv is such a convenient escape. I’m mad at it. And at myself.

    Hey, we should go halves on the book. Anyone else want in? :) we can share…it’s cheaper

  2. Thanks Shannon for continuing to post the weekly Scripture reading passages. I will continue to read with you but any posts will be far and few between.
    I appreciate your dedication and hope it will be an encouragement to you to know that others are reading with you. Have a wonderful day:)

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