Udderly Bovine.


How about an update on our most favourite cow in the world?! I haven’t mentioned much about good ol’ Twink these days.

She’s been good to us. We’d buy her all over again. No regrets. I won’t lie, its not a whole lot of fun to go out and milk her when its bitterly cold, but its still worth it. Here are the general numbers and you can decide if your family needs their own cow. :)

* 2 Full gallons per day, plus a bit more sometimes. That’s 14 gallon of milk per week.
* Approximately 1 hour of chore time per day, plus a morning every now and then to catch up on the odds and ends in the barn.
* $80.00 per month pays for everything. Silage, udder cream, paper towels, Javex, grain, straw… 80 bucks does it all.
*We’ve never had to call a vet (knock on wood!) so no expenses there.
*If we want to breed her, it would only cost us $20.00 and a phone call to the farmer that sold her to us.
So, split the cost 2 ways since Seven and her clan own half of #59 and you get a pretty good deal.
We both pay in $40.00 a month and get 7 gallons each per week. Just how much milk can you buy these days for $40.00??? Its a much better deal here.

Even with the initial cost of the cow and all the stuff we needed she paid herself off within the first 3 months.

Besides, you get to have your own Have a Cow’ party! How fun is that! The guys we bought Twink from must of thought we had lost our minds when they walked into the kitchen and saw this:
Doesn’t everyone have a big shin-dig when they buy a cow??? We offered them a couple of the #59 cupcakes before they left, so at least they thought we were nice lunatics. :)

Yep, we all love Twink.
Well, most of the time. Hubby wasn’t too impressed with her the night she kicked the milk bucket over in the middle of milking. :(


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