Book Review Friday: Psalm 13-17


If you would like to know what Book Review Friday is, please check out my sidebar to get all the details. Join in wherever we’re at and be blessed! :)

Well, I’m excited about our next book for our reviews. Jeremiah!! It’s a longer one. Probably the longest one we’ve done. At about 4 pages per week it will take us 15 weeks to read through it. I’ve never read it. Can’t wait to dive in. Join me?
If you are all gung-ho for Jeremiah then read Jeremiah 1-3 with me every day until next Friday. Meet back here next week and share something about what you read.

Now for Psalm 13-17.
I have the most notes written down about chapter 13, but last night I saw a whole bunch more stuff in the other chapters. I want to keep thinking about a bunch of stuff that I saw there and mulling it over. Good stuff.

In chapter 13 I noticed that David was obviously going through a hard time. He was wondering how long he’d have to endure the icky-ness. But in the middle of bad circumstances he trusted, rejoiced, and praised God for His past faithfulness, His mercy in the moment, and promise of the salvation of the Lord.
I know that isn’t how I react to bad times. I can take a lesson from David and even when I am weighted down with hard times, keep my focus on what really matters.

The whole list of who may dwell in ‘Your holy hill’ in chapter 15 is a source of conviction.That list does not describe me very well. The part where it says, “He who walks uprightly, And works righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart;” in verse 2.  Good stuff.

There is more in 17 that I read and didn’t really understand. I still need to look up a few things to see what exactly they mean.  Maybe someone out there will write about it. :)

If you have a review for this week please leave a comment  and a link to your post. I’m avoiding Mr.linky because its just as easy to leave a link in the comments. So there. :)


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