Your top 5 family games?


I thought it would be fun to get together and let everyone in on each others favourite games. We could check out others ideas and be on the look out for some cool new games we’ve never tried, or never heard about before.

I’m really hoping that Seven breaks her bloggy silence for this one. She has a couple really cool games that most have probably never heard of. So Seven, I dare you to post!

Here is a list on 5 games we enjoy around these parts:

1. Phase 10– Cool card game in which you try to complete all 10 phases with the least amount of points. Both adults and kids love it.
2. Dutch Blitz– A game of speed. Everyone loves this game. Don’t bother playing this one with Erin (Tokensister) though. She can slap cards down faster than she can talk… and that’s sayin something. :)
3. Pit– If you don’t mind ‘loud’, this is a fun trading game. The only thing is, everyone is trying to trade cards at the same time across the table… yelling, sliding cards, laughing, maybe a bit of screaming… until someone collects all the cards he’s been working for. Much fun!
4. Pass the Pigs– (Pictured above) Very cool. Roll the pigs like dice and gain points depending on how they land. In the picture there is a total of 20 pts. 5 for the Trotter and 15 for a rare Leaning Jowler. If you happen to get an even more rare DoubleLeaning Jowler, you’ll get 60 points. But don’t let them touch when they stop rolling or you lose all your points!
5. Lego Creator– The kids played this at a friends birthday party a couple years ago and loved it. I just happened to find it at Frenchy’s for $1.50 a few weeks later. The kids go around the board collecting all the parts they need to make a cool space guy, car, or other cool object. When they have their object made they win. A total hit with the kids.

So what are your favourite games??? Post about them and come back to link on Mr.Linky. If you don’t have a blog then just leave a comment. We’d love to have some new ideas.


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  1. oooo…i do love pit. we got it for christmas last year but we haven’t played it yet!! sad but true.

    and i dare any of you to challenge me in dutch blitz. you don’t stand a chance :)

  2. You must be kidding. You’ve seen my computer, and you still dare me to blog? I can’t even log in.

    And this is my thirteenth attempt at commenting on this post. I wish I was kidding. Yes, maybe I should get my computer fixed. I’m a procrastinator and there’s always something more important to buy first.

    doodle dice
    Phase-10-the-giants (as the 2-year-old says)

    So it’s more than 5. Oh well. I don’t feel like editing. I’m not even going to try to find links for those. If something interests you, google away!

  3. Take that, computer. I win.

    (or maybe you’re laughing at me because you made me waste all that time trying to comment about games. In which case you win. Drat.)

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