January blahs and a bit of advice or homeschooling wanna-be’s.


It’s January.

Usually I’m all gung-ho for another round of life at this point. It is supposed to take me another month or so to feel defeated, tired, and at the end of my rope. Not so this year. I’m early.

When Christmas was all over and it was time to start up with school, hubby’s work schedule, and all the usual weekly commitments, I wanted to cry. I’m so not ready to tackle anything right now. I just want another month or so to sit and ponder, read magazines, drink cozy warm drinks, and visit. But I can’t.

Kids need to learn to read and write…. neatly. The ‘neatly’ is the part we’re working on for this year. :) And I’m having a hard time doing all the lessons with the kids and keeping the house decent. I know these issues are nothing new to any of you homeschooling moms out there, but that doesn’t make them any easier for  me to deal with. I want to be able do school, bake, do all the housework, care for a small farm, visit with friends, be involved at church… play the madolin, sew…. the list could go on forever.

Its all about priorities. My heart has to line up with what my head knows to be true, that’s all. In 20 years I will be pleased (I hope) with where my children are at and glad I gave up things that were important to me. Because I’m realizing more and more that they are only important to me. The kids won’t remember that the baseboards were dusty (I hope), or that the laundry never seemed to be caught up. Or if they do remember they won’t care. They will remember mom reading to them, playing games, and listening to their millions of stories.

Hopefully they will remember her smile. Working on that one.

For anyone out there who is considering homeschooling in their future, I have a piece of advice for you. This is coming from someone who didn’t take the advice of others before me. Teach your toddlers to pick up after themselves. Their toys, clothes, outside things. Teach them to make their own beds, do the dishes, sweep floors. Teach them to dust. Train them by letting them follow you around all day long copying whatever you are doing (you’ll be smiling the whole time, of course).  Teach them to do a thorough job. The skills they aquire will be invaluable by the time you start teaching 4th & 5th grade math. You will have helpers and your home won’t be in the state mine is in.  (Just so you know, I’m writing this after a morning of cleaning and reading & playing with the kids and they are outside playing in the snow as I write.)

Also, the other most important thing you could do in preparing your children for homeschool is to train them to obey immediately and with a good attitude. We have our moments here, but there is always room for improvement. And with mommy being blah lately it has created some attitudes in them also. Hey, I have good kids though.  I have realized in these past few years that they are only as good as they are by the grace of God. I’m learning as I go at the parenting thing. None of it seems to come naturally except for the desire to improve.

So there you have it. The winter blues have begun early and I am determined to overcome them before they take hold. I might even root around and find those B vitamins to give me an extra boost. :)

Does anyone else out there deal with ‘blah-ness’ ? Please tell me I’m not alone!


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  1. you are not alone. I started the week the same way. Sad that Mike had to go back to work and life was “normal” and quiet again. I hoped it would get better by the end of the week but by yesterday, all the isolation had gotten to me and it was not a good day. I’m hoping for a better attitude on Monday but at this point, January and February seem like they are going to be really long. Sigh.

    So instead of some encouraging words that would be made up, I’ll just feel your pain (minus two extra kids and the homeschooling part of course) and take some vitamins too :)

    C loves to dust and help out around the house… I lucked out there :)

  2. I think the mid-winter blahs are so wide-spread that they are legendary in the homeschool community. I read somewhere, “Don’t make any (long-term) decisions in February.” I just wrote a little article on how to get a spiritual uplift during this time of year for our homeschool newsletter. I know I need it!

    We were able to get back into the swing of things immediately this week even if I didn’t think we would. I’m doing better, overall, than I was a month or two ago. But I’ve really pared back on outside the house activities that don’t fit into our priority list. (I know some people thrive on them but I’m a homebody, so they just drain me.)

    This is a really good post even for those NOT considering homeschooling their kids – teach them to pick up after themselves and others, smile, obey the first time, etc. We are still trying to learn all that, me included! (I have a tough time obeying God’s Will the first time He tells me I have to do something.) Good luck and may God continue to bless you and your family.

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