Movie Review: Big Red


Big Red
I wanted to let you all know about another Ultimate clean movie movie y’all can watch without fear of anything. I mean it. It really fits under the Ultimate category.  Amazon has it for sale. It’s an old one, but you can still buy it. :)

Here’s my definition of clean, just so ya know :)

Clean movie:  a program that has absolutely no coarse language of any kind, nothing sensual in any way, all inappropriate body parts are completely covered at all times, no jokes in poor taste.

Bonus Clean movie: One that actually gives a good biblical example to follow, encourages you to be hard working and have good attitudes, encourages you to do the right thing even when it hurts.

Ultimate Clean movie:  Includes all of the qualifications in the first two definitions above and there isn’t even a burp in the whole production. :)

We found the book Big Redat Frenchy’s about a year ago and figured we’d give it a try for our daily bedtime reading time. The kids loved it. Then last week we found the VHS movie of Big Red and decided that we’d give it a try. Hubby & I previewed it that night and knew it was a great movie for the kids to watch.

The boy in it is young but a hard worker with solid values already. He works without complaint and owns up to his failures and mistakes. The kids enjoy watching him because he knows how to handle the dogs, handle a gun, and handle a job all on his own. Pretty cool. :)

The only, and I mean only thing that bothered me was the way the dog’s owner explained that the boys upbringing at home learning on his own from textbooks and his uncle’s teachings was not enough, he had to go to school in order to learn. Crazy. But other than that it really is an Ultimate Clean movie in every way.

When I recommend a movie I want you to know that there is NOTHING in it. We love a good movie around here and find it exciting when we can find one that we can offer to the kids without hesitation.

If you find one yourself, please let me know so we can check it out. We’d love to have a longer list of clean movies!!


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  1. What about for little kiddies? We have company with little ones staying with us this month and I would like to have a movie for the kids to watch one evening. (Ages 6, 4, 3, 2) Are there any scary parts? And you know what I mean by scary… it doesn’t take much to give L nightmares :(

  2. Anne,
    There is a scene where the dog breaks through a window. Its intense for little ones, but nothing to worry about.
    There is also a scene at the end of the movie that involves a wild cat, a man with a stuck leg (the wild cat appears to be about 50 feet away). It isn’t too intense, and I wouldn’t worry about it, but had to let you know.

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