Book Review Friday: Psalm 8-12


Well, its Friday again. If you don’t know why Friday is special just check out my sidebar ‘Book Review Friday’ links and join in wherever we’re at. :)

For this week I think we shall read 1 John. Do you realize that was the very first book we did in Book Review Friday???? And we’ve never done it again. Its a good one. So, read 1 John every day for the next week. We’ll meet back here next Friday (or Saturday if I’m crazy busy) and link up our reviews on Mr.Linky.

I’ll write down very quickly what I wrote down in my notebook as I read Psalm 9. I have other notes, but there is nothing terribly interesting in them, so I won’t share them. Also, I’m tired and want to go sit down.

Psalm 9’s I Will’s”
I will… praise You with my whole heart.
I will… tell of your marvelous works.
I will… be glad and rejoice in You.
I will… sing praise to Your name.
I will… rejoice in Your salvation.

I’m thinking that each day of mine would be much sweeter & less complicated if I reminded myself of them every 5 minutes or so. :)
I’ll just keep telling myself, I will, I will, I will.
Its a choice. I have to choose to do it. Sometimes, most times, it doesn’t come naturally. But I will now.

I will….

Here is Mr.Linky for any reviews waiting to take flight here at Watch the Sky. :)


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