Into the future.


The Christmas season is very busy in our neck of the woods. We have the normal Christmas hustle & bustle with a couple birthday’s thrown in. We just party like crazy for a month straight it seems. We don’t mind having a party break for a month or two after it all goes quiet again.

I thought I’d put up a few pics from the past while for y’all. Most people like looking at pictures much more than reading my poor spelling: grammerar, and puncuation anyway; :)

It was the year to make our own stockings and stick party things in my new chandelier to make it look festive, and also the year to drive in blizzards so we don’t miss more parties and stuff.

I’m loving tassel-ly trim these days. Love it.

Partying at my sisters place. My mom getting the grub ready.

Fresh snow hair. :)

Time to bring in the new year with as much noise as we can. The neighbours loved us. :)

Not only lots of noise making stuff, we had sparklers as well. The kids love it.

Home looks extra cozy after a drive that made you believe you’d never make it home again.

Waking up to a storm on the first day of 2009. What a cozy time to do chores… if you’re not the one doing them.

And a birthday to start the year off with. A cowboy birthday. How fun. Everyone had a bandana to take home, and the birthday boy woke up to a new special plate and bowl set for his very own waiting at his seat. I love them and will be buying  one for each of us. Very cool.

Ready and waiting to party with the family who are brave enough to take a drive into the country on a storm day.

Saying goodbye to 2008…

….and a sign of what the new year is going to be like???


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