More news on my chandelier


I know you’ve all been thinking about my chandelier find. I just know it.

Well, I have some more facinating news about it. I found what I believe to be a cool new site, Hooked on Houses, and in that post I just linked you to you will find MY CHANDELIER. Cool. Go ahead and see if you can find it. (C’mon, just pretend like you care.)

Well, I’m off to do laundry, bake bread, clean up the entire upstairs of my home…. yikes!

P.S. Thanks to Kim of, Forever…Wherever, where I found it. :)


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  1. I actually DID think about your chandelier yesterday when I went shopping “with” the girls. They wandered off without me at the mall – that’s what teenagers do, after all – and I had 2.5 hours of shopping time to myself. About a month ago I was shopping at JCPenney and found this GREAT plaid trench coat at a not so great price – $150. Yesterday it was marked down to $24.99 and with the additional discounts I paid $19.99! Yep, your chandelier bargain was swirling around in my head as I walked proudly out of JCPenney with my own great bargain!!

  2. Something strange just happened to me. I left a reply and never checked to see the name in website thing. Anyway my little reply got posted as Tami. Tami could never leave a reply that short! :-) so the above post is from me; Melody

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