Post Christmas


I am pleased to annouce that I have a camera once again. (Check out why I didn’t have a working camera here. Scary.) I caved and bought one. I’ve been known to find a deal or two at my favourite second hand stores, but a camera has not shown up there. So, I grabbed the sale at Staples. Here are a few pic’s for your viewing pleasure, all after Christmas since that is when the sale was on. :(

I’m loving The Isaacs right now. The Token Sister gave us one of their cd’s for Christmas and I’m doing my best to sound like Sonya with my mandolin (I have a good imagination). You just give me another week or two and this is what we’ll be singing & sounding like at The Homplace for all of our get-togethers. :)

Don’t ya just love this guy?! Kinda creepy and scary looking. This was part of the toy given to one of my sons from hubby’s workplace.
It is very kind of them to give each of their employee’s children gifts at Christmas, we feel very blessed. We saved each of their gifts from hubby’s work to put by their stockings. Well, this just happens to be my sons favourite gift. As I type this he is snuggled up all close with it while he sleeps. It goes with him almost everywhere he goes every day. Strange.

And I’ve got to show you all my latest find at Frenchy’s. It is our mostest favourtiest second hand store EVER. So there. I spent a whopping $3.00 for this chandelier. I just need to dust it and find some cute & cheap shades for it somewhere. I loved my life a lot the moment I found it. Now, if I could just find something for that random ugly big wall behind it, then I’d love my life even more. :)


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