Book Review Friday: Joel


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I do not have one thing to write about Joel. I did read it. I only missed one day reading it. I guess it was a mixture of it being Christmas week and having a cold that made it hard to concentrate and get anything out of it. Scary. But I have read it and know it talks about locusts and that God can restore us even when we’ve done damage. That’s it.

I really hope that someone out there got more out of it… and posts it so that I can glean. :)

As for this week (better late than never), I thought we’d move to Psalm 8-12. So read Psalm chapters 8-12 everyday this week and I guarantee that you will not regret it. Psalms are always an encouragement and packed full stuff to learn and treasures to find. We’ll meet back here next week all excited like, and write down a pile of what the Lord showed us.

Here’s Mr.Linky for all of you who got more out of Joel than I did.


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  1. I think you’re right, restoration is the important info in this book. So, it’s a good review, short and sweet and to the point. It’s what we need to know, right? :)

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