Prove It!


I have been having many of ‘those’ days. I would never NEVER NEVER send my kids to public school, but….. I happen to know that homeschooling moms have their days when life just seems a little overwhelming. Meals, laundry, school, house cleaning, and every other thing we do seems to be just too much. Since these past couple of weeks have been steadily getting crazier and  this gal has been steadily getting scarier, I do not think it a coincidence that my Bible reading has been faltering. I still read, just not as often. I also don’t give it as much time as I’m used to. When I don’t give my Bible study proper place the rest of my day seems to get all out of place. I can’t explain it, but it really does happen.

So, I’m here  to say that I read Joel.  Why don’t you go read it instead of saying there isn’t time. If you are on the computer it means that your time is full of choices, and you are choosing something else other than Bible reading. Harsh, but true. (Speaking to my BRF friends here.)  :)

So make sure you go read Joel today and then come back here and leave a comment to prove it. 

I’m going to go get breakfast on the table and I’ll tell you all about it later on. We made our own granola last night. If you love that cereal ‘Quaker Harvest Crunch’ you will love this, and it is so desperately easy you will want to give Seven a hug for sharing the recipe with me so I could share it with you!

Have a great day. Remember to read. Remember to prove it.  :)


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  1. I have read Joel. It is short but has a lot to say and I can real the whole section in a day. I love the concept that I learned from your blog about reading a section of scripture over and over during a week. However, it seems like the sections were getting longer and longer. Back when I first started I learned so much in I and II Samuel but have just gotten bogged down. Maybe it is just me; I love this concept but just would like shorter sections at a time to work with. I enjoy following along, but maybe when you assign a section, I will just focas on a section that I feel comfortable.

    I do thank you for hosting this study and am so thankful to young women like you that are raising children to love God. Our world needs new people coming up to carry on the faith.

    Please understand that I am not complaing; just letting you know that it takes me longer to read and study than some.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. There, I just read it. It took me all day to get to it but I did. Why is it so hard to make time? I just don’t know. But to make myself read it more, I am committing myself to a review on Friday – on one of the busiest weeks of the year :) But what better time of year to read God’s word?

    I think I’ll give seven a big hug tomorrow for that recipe…teehee, just kidding seven :)

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