My camera works if I turn off the flash!!! :)


My sister made each of the sisters and mom an apron. They arrived on Wednesday and we were so excited. This is mine. Love the material. I wear it all the time. I do take it off to sleep though. :)

We put our tree up on Thursday. I did not take part in the decorating. The kids love doing it. Daddy hands the ornaments out and the kids pile them on. That is just the way a tree is supposed to look.

I save cutie little tags that come on gifts or homebaked goodies from family & friends and add them to the tree each year.

We will forget the crazy day and just enjoy that fact that the mantle is done. I like it. Different, but I like it. :)

In the midst of the craziness I put a movie in for the kids while I helped the oldest with more math lessons and made cookies in the kitchen. I had to have a cup of sanity with it, or I just would not have made it. (A cup of sanity is otherwise called Fake Apple Cider. Yum!!!! ) I’ll post the recipe for that soon for y’all too. :)PICT0021

Some new holly sprinkles for Christmas this year.

Some cookies got the sprinkles, some didn’t. The cookies may not look special, but they are the best you have ever had. No kidding. Try them!


Anyway, enough about my day. It looks much more peaceful in the pictures than in real life. Seriously. Just remember Shannon, tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes.


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  1. I LOVED this festive post! Your tree looks beautiful and your mantle looks amazing. Your apron looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to get mine from the seamstress herself IN PERSON on Christmas Eve!

    I had a ‘theme’ tree our first Christmas and it stunk. Way too ‘perfect’ looking and not nearly enough personality. I can’t wait until the kids are older and there are more homemade and special things on it. I basically want to re-create all of the Christmases I had growing up. Our Mom is just so cool.

    Those cookies really are the best. My sis-in-law makes them now and calls them ‘Lois Dorey Sugar Cookies’.

    I’m lonely this weekend. Last big weekend for T at work. I go see Handel’s Messiah at the symphony next weekend. I should have just called you to say all this.

  2. So glad you finally got a fancy flattering apron!! I’m SURE it multiplies your effectiveness – I feel like superwoman in my favorite one! What a GREAT idea though. I’ll tuck it in my “pocket” for next year Christmas ideas.

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