Book Review Friday: Luke


Please check out Book Review Friday on my sidebar and jump in wherever we are. We’d love to have a new name on Mr.Linky! :)

I just realized it was Friday. Just. It is 9:30pm and I do not have the mental ability to write out my review right now. I will get it up tomorrow. I have lots of notes to draw from in my binder and  a couple cool little things that I noticed this week. As for next week, lets read John . If you read 3 or 4 a day you will be able to finish it all up in a week.

Please do not think me irresponsible for not having a review up on time. I know I host this thing, but I’m also a mom, and this mom had a long day. But as I told my hubby when he got home from work, “I made it. I didn’t cry. I made it.” :)

I’ll come back with my review, but until then please feel free to fill up Mr.Linky with all your reviews and I’ll enjoy every single one soooo much! (But of course I won’t read them until I’ve written mine. Kind of an unwritten BRF rule. :)


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  1. I know there’s a LOT more to that “had a long day” than you’ve let on. And I think “I made it. I didn’t cry. I made it.” is reason for celebration! Maybe even going to bed when you know there are some things that are still undone?!! Actually, that seems like an IDEAL time to go to bed! =)

  2. I made it, I DID cry a little, but I made it :)

    I only got a few chapters of Luke read…sigh, I tried though, I really really tried but I guess not hard enough.

  3. I did not even try to read Luke in a week, so you guys did very good. Now that I know it is possible to read a book that size in a whole week, I will give it a try. I am sure that God loves it that you are taking such good care of the family and doesn’t want you to stress about reading the whole book in a week. I am not good at saying things to make people feel better but I would hug you if you were within reach. :-)

  4. Thanks for keeping the BRF going Shannon. I may not always write a review but I do keep up with the reading although I have to read the last four chapters of Luke today as well as starting John which by the way is my favourite book of the New Testament. Thanks a bunch . Have a good day and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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