1. School work (check)
2. Batch of bread (check)
3. Cut Dad’s hair (check)
4. Drink the Tim’s Dad brought me (check)
5. Make some Christmas cookies (check)
6. Catch loose cow before she heads down the highway (a little scary for a minute on this one but, check)
7. Yummy Mushroom potato chowder for supper (check)
8. Milk the cow who is still safe & sound in her stall (check)
9. Decorate cookies with kids and then get them to bed (check)
9. Blog & go to bed (working on it)

In regards to #6 – I am so glad that I have trained myself not to scream, run, or jump wildly around when Twink is loose and kicking her heels all over our yard. I’m also glad she decided not to take me for a walk over to the neighbors, and calmed down enough to go back to the barn. Basically she can go wherever she pleases and I couldn’t stop her, but so far she’s hasn’t figured that out. :)

And as for #7 – I love that recipe!!! Perfect with the fresh bread! If you check it out, be sure to see Anne’s variation in the comments as well. Sounds soooo good! :)

So, it was a full day. A good day.
How was yours? :)


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  1. 1) rock the crying baby (check)
    2) rock the crying baby some more (check)
    3) feed the crying baby (check)
    4) change the crying baby (check)
    5) smile at the smiling baby (check and double check)
    6) read to and snuggle the 3 year old (check)
    7) stay up a little late to do houeswork (check)

    And begin again today :)

    PS: I’m almost laughing out loud at the thought of you trying to catch twink without screaming, running, or jumping around wildly :)

  2. 1. spend day on couch with stomach bug from kids (check)
    2. run to bathroom too many times to count (check)
    3. lose 5 pounds (check!!!!!!)
    4. feel better today (check)
    5. run around like a fool trying to catch up today (check)
    6. sit and stare at moniter for 15 seconds, trying to figure out how to spell catch (check)
    7. wonder if brain may be affected (check!) ;)

  3. 1. drag tired self out of cozy bed, put baby back in her cradle and serve breakfast – homemade bread & pomegranate jelly. (yummy check)

    2. wander around wondering what to do first while kids get busy building lego masterpieces instead of what they know they should be doing first. (check)

    3. pull self together and get day back on track. (check)

    4. read Shannon’s blog and start typing up your own list only to realize your list would be way too long and probably only interesting to you so delete it all when you are almost done. (check)

    5. wish you had time to go rock Jenn’s crying baby for a while so she could take a break. decide that maybe you should figure out how to make time. wish again that time was something that could be manufactured. (check, check, check)

    6. thank your lucky stars that you didn’t get the stomach bug that your kids and Kim’s kids and Shannon’s kids all recently had. feel sorry for Kim and hope she’s better for good. (check, check)

    7. resist the temptation to delete the entire comment. (if you see this list, you’ll know it gets a check)

  4. Haven’t been on the computer much lately so I am a day late but between yesterday & today I am getting ready for a staff Christmas supper & get together tonight at our house.

    Yesterday, helped one son figure out amounts of food needed for the Christmas staff party he is preparing for, that is much, much bigger then ours here. (Wish I could be there to help prepare).

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