Maybe my camera needs to get saved.


I’m just wondering how someone can possibly survive without a camera. Can I do it? Mine just stopped working and I’ve been without one for about 2 weeks and can barely stand it many times throughout my day, every day.  I went to buy a cheapy one today and they were all sold out. Seriously.

My camera will turn on and act all normal and even focus real nice like. Then, when I press the button nothing happens. Nothing. No pictures. No memories. No fair. Not fun.

If any of you are handy dandy with things like this please fix my life and tell me what I can do to make my camera work. Its just a sad state of affairs isn’t it? How am I possibly going to get through life if I can’t take cool pictures like this?????

Or this:

That second picture is really cool. I know. Aren’t you jealous you can’t take pictures like me? I don’t blame you.

I may have realized why my camera isn’t cooperating. You see, I was out with some friends a couple weeks ago having a great time and grabbing a burger for lunch. Look at my receipt.
Maybe I should have run from A&W screaming and never looked back. Maybe my camera not working is payback for eating a lunch with the mark of the beast on it, and then taking a picture of it.

Maybe me and my camera are doomed.


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  1. What did you make with all that soup? Seriously, anything with that much cream of mushroom soup, and I totally need the recipe!

    I know nothing about cameras, but you are wlcome to use mine any Thursday night you want–just try not to lose it, ‘kay? ;)

  2. Oh Kim, your kindness is too great. :) Why would you think I’d lose it, hmmmmm????

    The Cream of Mushroom soup picture is from one of Charmins meals, I forget which one. It is for yet another post that I will have to find time for. Crazy.

  3. Shannon…it has been AWHILE!!!!…your profile pic update showed up on my facebook, so I then went to your page, and then went to your blog…and thought I’d leave you a message!!! I, for one, am quite sure I could NOT survive without my camera, so…I certainly feel your pain…no solutions for you except – you must do SOMETHING!!!! Especially with Christmas coming up – perhaps your hubby will buy you a new one!! How is life with you and your little fam?! (Big fam!)…we are enjoying life with our little boy, for SURE!!! He will be 8 months old on Friday – I can hardly believe how fast the time goes!! he is on the move these days – which makes it a bit busier, but…he’s easier to entertain, so its nice, too, actually!!! I’m loving being a little mama, and am really enjoying being home…it will be nice to not have to hope for time off at Christmas this year — I love being HOME!!! Hope all is well with you…Merry Christmas!!

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