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Ladies, we are not the first. I know we already knew that, but its exciting to me to read of those long before us who were on the same path, and what is possible if we continue on in faith. I am speaking of the way we read and study our Bibles. You know… Book Review Friday.  :) Maybe you think this dry and you are tempted to click that red X and get on with other things during your computer time. That’s okay, I’m still going to write it down for all both of you who will be excited too. :)

We are sick around Watch the Sky these days and I’ve had a little extra time to read. I pulled The Autobiography of George Muller out of the dust and I am hooked. Rarely have I read something with so much passion and humble-ness all in the same pages. He ‘got’ it, and I want it too.

I am only just past the 4th chapter. At this point in the book Mr. Muller has become a preacher. After a life of sin and finally truly repenting he is passionate about doing the will of God in every single moment of every single day.  The following couple of paragraphs I write is quoted from his thoughts on the study of the Word and learning what he is to preach on to his flock. This is why I’m excited:

I ask the Lord to graciously teach me by His Holy Spirit while I meditate over the passages. I write down notes as the Word is opened to me to see how well I understand the passage. It is also useful to later refer to what I have written.
I seldom use any other study aids besides the Scriptures and some good translations in other languages. My chief help is prayer. Whenever I study a single part of divine truth, I always gain some light about it after praying and meditating over it. Extensive prayer is often difficult because of the weakness of the fleash, physical infirmities, and a full schedule. But no one should expect to see much good resulting from his labors if he does not spend time in prayer and meditation.
…To live in constant communtion with the Lord, and to be habitually and frequently in meditation over the truth is its own reward.

Does that sound familiar??? He probably didn’t have a really cool binder with handy dandy plastic tabs to organize his notes, but he studied the same as us! He simply read His Bible, prayed and meditated over it… and wrote down what he learned. Very Book Review Friday-ish. Very cool. This guy learned a lot, very quickly, in his walk with the Lord. Oh, what we could be learning, doing, experiencing in our Christian lives if we could just discipline ourselves to make our time with God constant and our passion!

So keep reading. Keep praying. Keep writing.
Maybe you’d like to check the book out for yourself and read it as a family.


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  1. George Mueller said:

    To live in constant communtion with the Lord, and to be habitually and frequently in meditation over the truth is its own reward.

    What a wonderful thought that is and so true. What could be better than to be in the presence of the Lord? I can’t think of one thing in my life that compares to the happiness and joy that comes when God speaks through his word just to me!

  2. Can I borrow that book?

    I recently got a reminder from hubby when I was getting ready for a nice bath and I complained that I had nothing to read. He quickly reminded me that there is never “nothing to read, when you have a Bible.”

    And that’s all the reading material that I ever need–I just so often forget it.

  3. Hey, thanks for that review. I am going to order it immediately. I am still with you on BRF just have not been posting. We have been traveling and lots of things going on. I did start reading Revelation after you asked the question about the rapture. I am sure that we will only know for sure when it happens. Some things God just does not want us to know ahead of time.

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